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While several studies and controversies have just erupted on the web concerning the nuisance linked to online advertising (use of the name and Google+ profile photo in advertisements, arrival of advertising on Instagram, Facebook video advertising…), we can ask us if it is profitable? It would seem so: 19% of French Internet users indicate that they have already made online purchases after being exposed to an advertisement on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), including 9% several times, the study says. Ifop / Generix Group relayed byAFP ...

The second global social network, with 231.7 million users at the end of September and has already started to attract several brands and personalities to use its advertising program. Yes, but how does advertising on Twitter work? What are the different types of advertising formats? All the answers are waiting for you below.

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Advertising formats

  • Sponsored link from your Twitter account to acquire new followers;
  • Sponsored link related to trends (alias trending topics and hashtags in left column). This format is relevant because it allows you to create a conversation around the same theme. Allow up to $ 200,000 per day to create your own trending topic or $ 80,000 if the latter has already been created naturally on Twitter. Keep in mind that “positive” and “negative” tweets can be posted as a result of displayed trends, keep your eyes open;
  • Sponsored link of your tweets to a targeted audience to get your message beyond your timeline. This type of format is most used on Twitter, as are the sponsored links for posts and pages on Facebook. Here the tweets are targeted and published according to several criteria: location, interests, gender…

The advantage of these first 3 formats is that they are easily adaptable to mobile. We see them appear in the newsfeed (in-stream) and in the timeline in first position. Dick Costolo (CEO Twitter) even said last year that mobile advertising has just generated more revenue than computer advertising.

  • Sponsored videos. Less used by advertisers, they offer the possibility of promoting short videos via tweets, while targeting the right audience.

Source: CWT Advertising conseils.fr

The targeting tool

These advertisements will be displayed in the user timeline and in the search results for sponsored tweets. Sponsored accounts are highlighted in the newsfeed and in the right column in the middle of suggested profiles to follow. The great strength of Twitter lies in targeting people based on the accounts they follow but also on the tweets they post.

The auction tool

Like Google Adwords, ads on Twitter work by auction: you mention a maximum amount per click not to be exceeded on a specific targeting and are then put in competition with all other advertisers. The price per click is then defined between this maximum rate but also the quality of your advertising. Advertising that is very retweeted because it is interesting in itself will cost you much less per click than an advertisement with little interest. Payment is not made per click but at the generated engagement including the click, retweet, bookmarking or subscription to your account.

Twitter statistics allow you to study your followers: their interests, their socio-demographic characteristics, their own subscribers, the growth in the number of your subscribers and finally their location.


For a few months now, Twitter has been using cookies and pixels to personalize its advertisements and measure their performance and to match them with your activities on Twitter and your visits to the websites of advertiser partners.

Our advice to get started in Twitter advertising

In addition to the official document concerning good practices for advertising on Twitter and a tutorial to launch your first advertisement, Here are other indicators of success before embarking on a campaign:

Regarding your campaigns:

  1. In all auction systems, these are always ads with the best click rate that cost the least. In two words : think useful, think concrete;
  2. Post ads that buzz and that inherently generate more. Make people vibrate, involve them in your campaign;
  3. Make your investment profitable : offer a landing site linked to your tweets to sell your new product / brand;
  4. Amplify word of mouth from your fans: promote their tweets in your campaign.

With these different formats and major developments, Twitter is well on its way to asserting itself in the online advertising of tomorrow. But where Twitter becomes relevant, it’s in its ability to advertise in other applications. In addition, the recent acquisition of the MoPub advertising network improves the perfect targeting of users, geolocated and contextualized. On this screen, an example provided by MoPub, a user who tweeted “I Love Cleaning” sees ads for Mr. Clean appear in the Songza application (music recommendation application).

businessinsider informs us that the social network should raise $ 500 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year, if with that you are not convinced of the striking power of Twitter!

Are you ready to get started on Twitter advertising now?

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