▷ The “Entreprendre au Féminin” summit is coming to the internet! 2020 -

The “Entreprendre au Féminin” summit will take place from March 8 (Women’s Day) to March 16, 2019 inclusive. This event is 100% online so you can follow it comfortably from your computer, smartphone or tablet …


9 intense days, 3 conferences per day at 12:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The virtual summit “Entreprendre Au Féminin” is therefore 27 conferences which take the entrepreneur into account holistically, this is why we are going to approach three essential and complementary themes which are business obviously but also well-being and family / relationships!

All 100% online, free and accessible anywhere in the world without traveling!

5 main drivers for this event

Bring together

Being an entrepreneur, independent, coach, consultant,
expert in a field of activity it is very often synonymous with loneliness.
We need to know each other, to get together, to have a group that
looks like us.

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We each have talents and we can work
together, co-create, meet future partners, associates. The connection
virtual, becomes real and we will have the opportunity to meet.


We are in 2019, society and the place of women
evolve. New professions, new paradigms, new ways of doing things and
being. Discover the diversity of actions undertaken by women and


It is very important to learn, to train, to be
support because things change and move very quickly. Internet is a very
great way to acquire this knowledge and share it.


Share precisely! Share experiences,
expertise but also its history, its course, its desires, its difficulties
in a caring community that listens, understands and supports.

Free registration required on https://www.entreprendre-au-feminin.com

The “Entreprendre au Féminin” summit is also the opportunity to be part of the VIP community, which gives unlimited access to gifts and all conference replays thanks to the VIP PASS.

10,000 women entrepreneurs are expected for this event and
men are welcome, of course 10 to 15% of men are
have registered at the summit!

On the program for this summit

Opening of the summit with Morgane Février

“How to create a virtual summit in 1 month? ”
#business # creation

\”The emotion of the internet user is the key to your number
Business! “With Emmanuelle Soulard #business #marketing

\”How to reconcile your life as a mom and a freelancer?
with Claire Gressent #famille #maman

\”The 3 pillars to manage your business with confidence
thanks to yoga “with Claudia Martin # wellbeing #yoga

\”Investing in real estate is possible and accessible
serenely! ”with Danielle Tshissambou #business #marketing

“Entrepreneurs, how to get more support from
your partner? ”with Hélène Kerhervé #famille #couple

  • Sunday March 10 at 12:30 p.m.

“Succeed in entrepreneurship by cultivating
happiness “with Cindy Ck # wellbeing #mindset

“Transform your visitors into customers:
techniques and methodology ”with Marie-Rose Tripault #business #marketing

“Women entrepreneurs: 7 keys to transform your
love life ! “With Michèle Gonçalves #famille #amour

“Independent, unleash your success” with Maria
Annell # wellbeing # unlocks

«5 keys to successfully stand out and attract your
future clients “with Béatrice Calo Duret #business # sedémarquer

“It is never too late to build the future that keeps me
agree “with Marie-Laure Voisard #business #reconversion

“How listening to the body supports your projects and
can help you realize yourself! ”with Jennifer Zipci
# wellbeing #body

“Investment, a sheep with 5 legs? »With
Charlotte Marican #business #investment

“How to be enterprising and happy in love?” ”
with Sandrine Morin #famille #viesentimentale

  • Wednesday March 13 at 12:30 p.m.

“How can your menstrual cycle become your
business coach “with Gaëlle Baldassari # bienêtre #cycles

“3 tips to apply right away
develop your network “with Sophie Nanin #business # networking

“Put an end to the myth of the perfect family for entrepreneurship and success!” With Cindy Ghys #family #perfect

“Being aligned, centered and serene thanks to the full
conscience ”with Mai-Lan Ripoche # bienêtre #pleineconscience

“How to talk about yourself and influence the
world? “With Angélique Tartière #business #communication

“Women, sex and money” with Lyvia Cairo # wellbeing #tabou

  • Friday March 15 at 12:30 p.m.

“How to balance creativity and project management”
with Stéphanie Durand #business #projet

“How to succeed thanks to the power of its authenticity?
»With Céline Martinez # wellbeing # authenticity

“The 5 brakes that prevent you from living comfortably
of your activity! “With Marjorie Llombart #business #money

“Be an entrepreneur and well on your plate!” ”
with Elodie Beaucent # wellbeing #nutrition

“How to use the interview to take off
your business “with Laura Massis #business #interview

It’s still a Surprise.

100% online, free and accessible anywhere in the world without traveling and men are welcome of course!

Just confirm your registration on: https://www.entreprendre-au-feminin.com

We start the day of the women’s day, March 8, which will allow this day to last for 9 days!