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One of the major axes of communication on the Internet is video, I think you will probably agree. It’s visual, powerful, and it gives free rein to the imagination. We can do almost everything on video…

After selling my translation company in 2016, I asked myself how I could help other entrepreneurs, at my own level, to develop their business.

And the idea came to me to launch an Entrepreneur Channel on YouTube. You will find the link below:


Do not hesitate to subscribe, it’s free and it makes us (very) happy!

The idea of ​​this channel was to give voice to entrepreneurs, to show lots of different profiles and personalities, to break the idea that there is only one elite that would be able to undertake. The aim is also to inspire as many people as possible to do business, because that seems to me to be a very good anti-unemployment weapon!

This channel is still young and does not have a lot of means (let’s say it clearly, the means is personal money that I can afford to invest in it), but we produce the content with passion and great respect for entrepreneurship.

For the moment, these are mainly “interview via webcam” formats, with entrepreneurs from many different sectors of activity who:

  • Present their activity and their company;
  • Talk about their entrepreneurial journey (what was the trigger to get started, what were the difficulties encountered);
  • Give advice and feedback, which can be useful to everyone;
  • Indicate what they need to continue the adventure (funds, profiles to recruit, etc.).

I recently surrounded myself with 2 professional journalists who carry out the interviews, and we want to go further to professionalize the process and create new video formats. For example, we want to send a film crew to do corporate reports, to show a constructive, interesting and interior vision of different innovative companies. We also have lots of short show ideas that could help entrepreneurs and business creators on a variety of topics.

To go further, we need your support, in particular through our crowdfunding campaign, underway on Ulule. If you are a company, the counterparties that we offer could interest you to gain a little visibility! Do not hesitate to take a look!


And don’t hesitate to share the Ulule channel and campaign with your networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Thank you for your support, I am at your disposal for any questions, suggestions or comments on the project.

See you soon !

About the Author

mathieuMathieu Maréchal has been working on the Web since 2002. First computer scientist at Boursorama, then founder of the translation agency Trad Online, he now manages an information site on digital marketing, #audreytips, as well as a service coaching and training in Internet marketing: www.teachmeweb.fr