Web and mobile push notifications are definitely an essential lever for brands wishing to transform their visitors into subscribed audiences. Adrenalead offers a technological tool for collecting and sending web push…

Thanks to an advertising network based on this format, Adrenalead also allows brands to activate advertising retargeting and customer conquest by web push notification. The company is today publishing the 1st barometer of conversions observed by sector of activity on this new powerful lever for e-commerce.

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A barometer focused on the performance of the e-commerce format

This study allows marketers to monitor the performance of the web push notification leverage and more specifically the conversion rate (i.e. the percentage of visitors who make a purchase on the site).

The barometer highlights the conversion rates according to the different sectors of activity of the merchant sites. This study compares the performance of web notifications with that of SEM campaigns, an advertising channel very popular with brands in their digital strategy.

A monthly barometer to monitor use cases by business sector

This barometer presents the performance of web push notification campaigns observed in the various sectors of activity in the form of an infographic. Adrenalead thus offers e-merchants a source of data that is updated each month, allowing them to follow the potential that this advertising channel represents for their sector and to discover use cases for web notifications, customer references, figures to the support.

“Like the studies carried out on search or display campaigns, we wanted to provide concrete information on the performance of web push notifications campaigns. There was no monthly barometer dedicated to performance in terms of transactions to support merchant sites in the adoption of this new powerful digital lever ” explains Aurore Goxe – Co-founder of Adrenalead.

The performances of October 2020

To achieve this barometer, Adrenalead relied on statistics observed over more than 200 French campaigns relayed on the Notifadz platform in the month of October 2020.

Looking at the results of this study, we notice that Web Push Notification offers similar or even better performance than search engine marketing campaigns. For example, for the “culture / arts / games…” vertical, the conversion rate reached 2.66%, a delta of + 60.35% compared to the SEM (1.66%). Regarding ready-to-wear, the company achieved a conversion rate of 2.90%; it is + 110% compared to the SEM (1.38%).

The barometer will be updated monthly on the basis of the campaigns broadcast over the previous month.

See you in December for the next barometer which will present the results of the first campaigns linked to the high point represented by the end of year celebrations.

About the Author

Adrenalead, a Lyonnaise MarTech start-up founded in 2018, launched the 1st customer activation marketing platform via Web Push Notifications.
Adrenalead aims to offer new alternatives for winning over and building customer loyalty for e-commerce in a constantly (r) evolving digital advertising market.

Combining an audience accessible in real time and proprietary technology, their proprietary marketing platform allows e-merchants and retailers to design and distribute campaigns by web notifications on computer or mobile to their Internet users. Beyond allowing brands to regain control of their audience, the platform offers a complete suite of audience extension solutions. Any brand can now reach a wider audience in real time.

Concerned about respecting Internet users, our technology complies with the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data and thus becomes the first opt-in display format.