▷ The geek: an asset for the business of a company? 2020 -

The purpose of this article is to assess the importance that a geek can have in the professional world. I will put aside everything that can refer to leisure to focus on the intrinsic qualities of the geek, because I start from the principle that the latter is much more than a person addicted to his computer, that it is a full-fledged personality who, in a professional environment, can do a lot of good for a company’s business…

So I’m going to put things in context by recalling the (true) definition of Geek. I will, on several occasions, give you feedback, having had the opportunity and the chance to work alongside “geeks”. This experience allows me today to testify about their efficiency at work and their ability to use their qualities to comfortably advance a business.

Moreover, several studies have shown that companies increasingly want to hire staff with character traits similar to that of the geek. Interesting … On the other hand, it is not enough to shout out in the air that you are geek to optimize your chances of being hired! The goal is relatively simple: the geek must be able to transform the facets of his personality into skills, not just words!

After reading this article, some of you will start to believe that I am a Geek. Perhaps you will be right to think so (or not?) Or perhaps you will simply make up your own mind by reading this topic, no doubt…

I want to reassure you on several levels. I will not write this article in binary language because I assume that it risks compromising its referencing in the index of search engines (even if I find the concept rather original, to do with Sylvain if he is d ‘ok lol!). I will also avoid overuse of Geek’s vocabulary at the risk that some people lose the thread of my reasoning. I will also avoid going through 4 paths to explain an idea and favor shortcuts. In fact, maybe these discrepancies will happen in this article, but know that it will not be voluntary 😉

Let’s agree on the definition of Geek

I’m going to start by drowning out a stereotype of believing that a geek is a person who lives only by computers and video games. These people are wrong … A geek is someone who has an oversized passion for one or more activities, most of the time related to virtual life (technology). It could just as well be cinema, music, science, computers or even video games. He can also combine several passions. Because the level of passion is high (without that, you are not really a geek), it very often happens that he is far from the real world (physically speaking), which does not mean that he does not is not sociable, far from it … At worst, we call it NERDS.

Some people proclaim themselves geeks under the pretext that they commonly handle connected objects or that they know how to create a calculator in C ++. It’s wrong. It has become fashionable on the Internet to consider oneself as such … And as much to say that this fashion has greatly tainted the history and personality of geeks.

I also want to clarify that it is not because you or one of your employees spends his time on his computer that he is a geek. A writer who uses the computer as a writing “tool” may spend many hours writing his story. However, he is not a geek. This movement has also given birth to a new verb: Geeker. If someone sees me reading an article on my smartphone, he will say that I am geeking, so he will be wrong …

I’m not going to go over the history and origins of this term for you, but if you are interested, Wikipedia is your friend.

The Geek: a force for business

Let’s tackle the subject’s nerve. The Geek has many qualities, the latter making him a formidable competitor in job interviews, and especially for positions revolving around the web, science and IT. I didn’t find anything better than highlighting different facets of Geek’s personality based on my observations and specialist literature reviews. Besides, I will detail to you how this or that personality constitutes a strength in business. I want to clarify that a geek can feel in line with one or more (if not all!) Of the personality traits outlined below.

Hyper passionate:

Geek is by definition someone very passionate. This is a trait that all geeks have in common. If he applies for an offer directly related to his passion, imagine that there is a good chance that he is rigged and more than operational for the position in question. He will therefore have no trouble holding a conversation around an issue and will also be able to go out of the way to deepen the subject.

In business, this profile has the ability to make a subject fascinating that is not necessarily the basis. He is highly educated in his field and tends to involuntarily instruct his collaborators. Believe it or not, working alongside passionate people is a huge advantage in business, it promotes the sharing of experiences and knowledge. In addition, it is customary to say that a person passionate about his work does not necessarily have the impression of working and therefore does not hesitate to invest himself 100% in what he does.

Hyper informed:

In the context of certain passions, the geek can be particularly curious and a fortiori, informed. In search of more information, the hyper-informed geek likes to be aware of the latest news related to what interests him. The latter does not hesitate to inquire from current sources to whom he is generally loyal. If most of the information comes to him, his peculiarity is that he can be led to dig a subject and search the web to find additional information or confirmation (some geeks are also involved in Deep Web networks ).

In business, this personality is very beneficial for the business when you know how things are going. The hyper informed will easily be able to keep a technological watch, opinion and even marketing, enough to stay one step ahead of the company’s competitors!

Hyper connected:

Generally, the geek is multi-device. He juggles easily between the PC, the tablet and his mobile. Besides, he had mastered these different devices long before other users. He knows how to take advantage of each device and has his own organization. Also note that a geek passionate about information and technology is often an Early-adopter.

In business, the connected hyper will have no difficulty in appropriating the equipment entrusted to him. He will be able to take advantage of each medium and therefore save time in the execution of tasks. If he integrates a company present on the web, he should be able to identify and understand more easily the behavior of the consumer in his purchasing process, the latter also being more and more multi-device.

Hyper community:

Geeks can also have another peculiarity: that of exchanging and participating regularly in 2.0 communities (a little less for social networks). When he is looking for information, for example, he will tend to favor sources such as forums or comments on articles on blogs.

In business, a hyper community geek should not have too much difficulty integrating. By favoring interactions (mostly virtual), the geek knows where to look for the answer, to whom or what to turn. A real time saver! Even better when you know that he does not hesitate to share his knowledge either. With him, it’s generally win-win.

Hyper anticipator:

I was talking to you about early-adopters. The geek is generally aware of upcoming trends. He’s not waiting for the announcement to be formalized. He has already read teasers, tests and in the best of cases participated in beta tests of a solution or software.

In business, the geek allows you to be one step ahead of competitors. He is able to anticipate the release of a solution and put it in place before everyone else. It is also able to anticipate the actions of competitors!

Hyper logical:

It must be recognized that a Geek is often assimilated to science and mathematics (everything that is cerebral). It makes sense and it’s hard to blame him for spending too much time solving a problem because in general, the geek does things right!

His logic will sometimes play tricks on his hosting company, because the hyper logic goes to the bottom of things (he often avoids taking shortcuts). This trait, if not framed, can sometimes turn into a disadvantage. Although its logic can sometimes be difficult to understand, once you understand where it is coming from, the company generally realizes fairly quickly that it can prove to be a key element in its business. Another particularly interesting asset for analyzing the results of his actions is that he has no trouble understanding and interpreting the figures given to him.

Hyper concerned:

It’s sometimes on the verge of anxiety and it may be lacking, but be aware that the geek is always trying to do well and it is difficult to blame him for anything. Behind the quality of his productions (of his work) can be hidden the anxiety of not succeeding or pleasing.

In business, the hyper-concerned can seem anxious or fragile when faced with a situation or problem. But know that in reality, it is a real problem solving machine behind this shell!

Hyper technician:

A true technical warrior! The hyper technician likes to use 100% of the capacities of his work tool and to know all the inner workings. Most of the time, his solid foundations and logic allow him to form by himself. It is said that he learns more by himself than at school …

In business, the hyper technician is a force, it is indisputable. He shouldn’t have too much trouble getting hold of a solution, software, and should be quick to execute. It is important, even essential, that the hyper technician has operational tasks (hands in the tool as they say!) So that he feels in his element, like a fish in water.

There are many other Geek profiles. I allowed myself to quote only the profiles with which I was already confronted.

For the Geek / Company collaboration to be optimal, the two parties must succeed in understanding each other and find a common interest. For my part, I have been investigating with 10 business leaders (all sectors combined) in order to draw 4 interesting conclusions on how to put a geek in confidence and therefore boost him and your business.

4 tips to take advantage of Geek skills

Two difficulties exist. The first is to find the geek you need. On this subject, I let you discover the Californian application “Speak with a Geek” which will allow you to find a geek near you (a bit like the geek Tinder). The second difficulty, which comes once you have found the geek you need, is to understand it. This requires some form of management for companies to be able to make the most of their qualities.

Tip # 1: challenge the geek

It seems obvious after all that you have just read about the personality of the geek. The latter needs to be challenged. It is in these conditions that he feels comfortable and that he can give the best of himself. Give him goals, goals to reach and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Tip # 2: don’t rush it too much

The geek very often has a problem with deadlines… Not that he does not keep them, far from it, but as mentioned above, if he is a bit hyper worried, the geek may have to push back deadlines because that he will not have finished his work on time. In general and in the field of computer science, it is moreover the geek who imposes his deadlines (by adding a margin of security). If you like things well done, be relaxed (but not too much anyway!).

Tip # 3: Give her some free time

I’m not talking about adopting a Google-style business model, but know that a geek attaches great importance to his private life and therefore to his passions. Giving her time to enjoy her private life is good for the business. If he is interested in a new software or a new technology, give him the opportunity to self-inform himself, it might be useful to you later on. Avoid making him work too late at night, especially if it becomes a habit!

Tip # 4: listen

The “good” geek generally has one objective in business: to place it at the top! It is therefore very likely that the geek will share with you and your teams his recommendations for the future of the company. Take the time to listen to it and avoid systematically refusing all meeting requests from the latter, at the risk that it does not feel listened to and therefore, useless for the company. Many innovations have emerged from a “wacky” idea thought to have come out of the blue. Take the time to listen to what he has to say, it could be the next star innovation!

A geek has many intrinsic qualities that can be real assets during a job interview. They can even put him in a favorable position during an interview, the whole thing being to understand what they can bring to the company. I’m not saying that geeks are better than others, far from it. There is one essential thing to understand: if you are one of these geeks, you should know that your profile can compensate for certain weaknesses that could compromise a job or a project. For example, taking a strong interest in different software and quickly mastering each specificity can in some cases compensate for a lack of experience.

Hoping with all my heart that you liked this topic, I would ask you to avoid any form of flood in the comments and invite you to favor the +1! OMG, I think I’m getting geeky ?!