▷ The Google seduction operation checklist! 2020 -

During the masterclass “Google Loves Me (and it’s reciprocal)”, I shared with the participants some PRACTICAL advice to have content appreciated by Google but above all YOUR ideal customers…

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I analyzed live high-performance content and above all, I shared THE checklistGoogle seduction operation “. The replay is available here as a reminder.

I know … you’re busy … we always have a thousand things to do (me first :)). This is why, here is a summary of the best advice from the masterclass.

Let’s go !

Your SEO, before being thought of Google and self-piloted by a list of rigid indicators (à la Yoast!), must be thought reader.

And not just any reader, YOUR ideal customer.

You can therefore focus on the quality of your content by ensuring that it is properly organized on the site and by following the SEO checklist that I am about to share with you.

But before that, during the masterclass, I insisted (heavily !) on the choice of keywords, which is really crucial to attract the RIGHT people to your site.

But suddenly, what is a good keyword?

Good question 🙂

A good keyword is an expression whose answer precise and without ambiguity is YOUR offer…

… It’s a keyword that doesn’t compete too much …

And with a minimum of research. But this last aspect is not so important after all.

Why ?

Because the goal is to attract the right people (your ideal customers), not 36,000 tourists!

Because research habits are also changing! do you know that 15% of the queries made on Google every day are new. It still corresponds to 500 million requests each day. So many potential keywords which are not yet too competed. So be a pioneer!

Demonstrateempathy towards your target, pay attention to the discrepancy between your way of expressing yourself and that of YOUR customers. And the best way to find the expressions they use is to exchange with them via interviews, exchanges or why not surveys (provided you integrate open responses to let them express themselves in THEIR words).

Once you have these expressions, write content that will meet the expectations of your target and add value.

And then follow this checklist:

1: Choose a specific keyword whose precise and unambiguous response and YOUR offer. A keyword not too competed.

2: Find 2-3 secondary expressions to support (in relation to the keyword you are targeting, the main keyword)

3: Do a search on the targeted expression and analyze the first 2 results (number of words in the content, subjects covered, how to optimize, etc.)

4: Write your content with the expressions under the eyes (paste a post it on your screen !). For this first version, write so natural, use the keyword when you can. Include each of the secondary expressions at least once. Organize your content well with a title, an introduction, large parts preceded by headings. Respond precisely to the user’s request by showing empathy and targeting 15 to 20% more words than the two competitors analyzed in step 3.

5: Once you are proud of your content, and only when you are REALLY proud of your content, have a second reading SEO. Check for the word in the title, in the introduction, in one of the headings. Integrate it naturally in the rest of the content (without abuse), then in the name of your images.

6: At the time of publication, write a title and a meta description including the keyword. Also make sure it is in your URL and in the alt tag of your images.

7: Once the first content has been created, create the content dedicated to secondary expressions in the same way. Then repeat steps 3 to 6.

8: Connect the contents between them via links in the body of these.

With each new expression, think of related expressions and use this content cluster technique. If you are in a competing theme, you can have content clusters with 7 to 10 content instead of the 3-4 offered in this example.

I explained all this technique in detail during the masterclass.

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