▷ The guide to using TikTok well and succeeding 2020 Guide -

You wish to succeed on TikTok? Gain subscribers? Have a community or even create an account for your business? Then read this complete guide which will explain all the basics of TikTok…

Best practices of marketing influence

reech_v1How to identify the best influencers? How to structure the partnership? What remuneration should be defined? It is to answer these questions that Reech has written a guide to survival in this jungle of influence which lists the 12 best practices. Reech supports its customers by helping them bring out ambassadors and generate conversations and visibility around the products or services of a brand.

Why use TikTok for its marketing?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s see why it’s interesting to get started on TikTok for its marketing. TikTok is a rapidly growing social network based on short videos. It has been in the top 3 of the most downloaded apps for smartphones for a few years.

On social networks, to succeed easily, it is better to get started as soon as possible before the competition is too fierce. There is currently nothing better than TikTok to quickly win thousands of subscribers in no time. The network is starting to get more and more saturated, but every day accounts are still exploding. So get started as quickly as possible before it’s too late!

How to quickly succeed on TikTok?

If you want to quickly succeed on TikTok, you must already understand what type of video to make. You will have several possibilities depending on your field. But generally, to succeed quickly, you need:

You are free not to make viral content and to make tutorials a little like on YouTube on “how to do this, or that”. But you will not succeed as well, because the network is still a little too “new” for this type of content.

To succeed on TikTok, it is also important to:

  • Publish at least once a day (even 3x is ideal);
  • Post a video between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. which is the best time slot;
  • Optimize your videos (we’ll see that later).

Be aware, however, that there is no miracle method. As with all social networks, content is the most important. Work on quality and optimizations will only be one more that will allow you to explode!

Hashtags on TikTok

On TikTok as on Instagram, you can choose to put hashtags on your videos. I therefore recommend that you always put at least 3 related to your video. Sometimes you can add other slightly more viral hashtags like #pourtoi or #foryou.

To choose your hashtags, it is also recommended to go to the TikTok trend page and put the trend hashtags there. That way, your video is more likely to be seen in trends.

If you apply the previous tip and re-challenge TikTok your way, it’s important to use the hashtags that match the challenges.

The description of the video TikTok

On TikTok, it is possible to fill in its description and add text, it will be very interesting to boost our account. you will optimize description for users to increase your views with your knowledge of the TikTok algorithm.

To learn more about the TikTok algorithm, see this other article. To summarize, it is composed in this way:

  1. Watch the video: 10 points ;
  2. Viewing time: 8 points ;
  3. The shares of the video: 6 points ;
  4. Comments : 4 points ;
  5. Likes: 2 points.

Once you have reached a certain number of points, TikTok will edit your video to even more users, etc.

To fill out your description and earn maximum points, you will try to encourage users to watch your videos or watch them for as long as possible (ideally until the end). For that, here are my tips.

Watch the video and keep your attention

What earns the most points is when a user watches your video a second time. To do this, you can try to apply this method with your video: try in the description to talk about an element of the video that is difficult to see, or even that does not exist just to encourage the person to review the video to try to see this thing.

Let’s explain myself with an example that I like to use. One day, while walking on TikTok, I came across a video that simply filmed underwater for 15 seconds. Still, this video had millions of views.

By knowing TikTok’s algorithm, I immediately understood why it had worked so much! In fact, the user of the video had described ” did you see the shark at the end? ” In reality, you will understand, there was no shark … But this simple question to create this kind of behavior:

  • I will watch the video again to be sure I did not miss the shark at the end (+ 10 points);
  • I will watch until the end to see the shark (+ 8 points).

The two points of the algorithm that yield the most views are respected. So try to take inspiration from this video to fill your description!

Here are some examples of interesting descriptions:

  • Did you see the shark at the end?
  • My friend’s face at the end of the video!
  • I did not expect this end of video …

Some tips for success on TikTok

Now that you know what type of video to make, how to fill in the description, and how to choose your hashtags, let’s see some final tips that will further increase your views on TikTok.

  • Put music or sound that matches the video / challenge you are making. Preferably use the music that other users use for the same type of video or for the challenge in question;
  • Put text using TikTok’s video editing tool to attract attention or keep users there until the end of the video;
  • Get attention from the first second of your video! Do not wait before starting the action, we do not want users to swip the video or watch more, because nothing happens.

Here, I gave you all the methods that I currently know on TikTok. Do not hesitate to flesh out the article in comment by bringing your techniques!

Know that thanks to all these methods, you will soon blow up your TikTok account and potentially gain many prospects. You just have to get started before it is too late and the network is too saturated. Don’t make the same mistake you made on Instagram, get started now!