▷ The importance of SEO on Google 2020 -

Technological feats have revolutionized the life of companies. Thus, to attract customers, they have different means at their disposal, including SEO in search engines. If there are many search engines in England and in the world, only one remains far ahead in terms of use, it is the American giant Google. So the SEO on Google represents a real challenge for any company in search of visibility. It is therefore wise to question the importance of SEO on Google.

SEO: a key marketing concept

The majority of webmaketeurs swear by SEO. Yet still too few business leaders know exactly what it is.

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The definition

SEO is the process by which search engines rank websites on a query. Indeed, during his research, the user inserts keywords in the requested motor. These expressions ultimately allow the platform to draw up a hierarchy of results deemed relevant. In addition, the company has the choice between paid referencing (SEA) and natural referencing (SEO) to appear on the SERPs. The last option is the most effective in terms of returns on investment and it also offers long term results. But why be referenced more precisely on Google?

The essential Google SEO

Sergey Brin and Larry Page were far from imagining that Google would become a powerful marketing tool. In fact, still academics, they created in 1996, which was only a search engine. Finally, the platform has diversified its services and now indexes more than 130,000 billion of websites. Thanks to the quality of its services, Google has finally established itself by arrogating to itself close to 60% market share in the world. It is therefore no coincidence that the engine is subject to 80.0000 searches per second. In addition, its crawlers visit 20 billion sites on a daily basis. Better, 92% traffic in England comes from Google. This therefore reflects the importance of SEO on Google for companies.

A professional task

SEO is a complex operation that must be carried out with proven expertise. Because Google has enacted guidelines that must be respected in order not to be penalized. To facilitate the task, specialized companies such as Maliboo SEO makes itself available to firms. You can therefore benefit from quality Google SEO, with a powerful SEO agency. In addition, SMEs will not only benefit from Google’s strong audience by indexing it. Indeed, other advantages testify to the importance of SEO on Google.

Why SEO on Google?

Appearance on the first pages of Google is of utmost importance for businesses. But to take full advantage of this solution, you will have to opt for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also called natural reference. So what can a brand that invests in this marketing channel expect?

Enhanced credibility

A company that is among the top results of Google is certainly one of the more reliable. It is rather the impression that most Internet users have, due to blind trust they do to the crawlers. Therefore, the company takes the opportunity to improve your e-reputation with its prospects. It is also an opportunity to offer quality content on its site or its news / blog section. This is already a good way to distinguish from competition.

Stable profitability

All businesses want to win over loyal customers who are supposed to fill baskets regularly. This is also a guarantee of sustainability for the society. Thus, thanks to natural referencing on Google, you will receive qualified traffic. In other words, your visitors will be the ones who really need your products.

Inexpensive marketing

It is obvious that any serious business seeks profit at all costs. As such, devoting a colossal budget for communication would be a bad option. This is why companies are now reluctant to use traditional channels. As an alternative, SEO referencing can be done at reduced cost and with quantifiable results.

A powerful website

Before any natural referencing work on Google, the web agency always proceeds to a website audit. It is actually a prerequisite that allows to list strengths and weaknesses of the company’s platform. At the end of this analysis, the specialist suggests actions to be taken to revitalize the domain. These include, among others:

  • the choice of relevant keywords;
  • improved loading speed;
  • the structuring of the pages;
  • the intuitiveness of the website;
  • inbound authority links.

By acting on these levers, the company improves its user experience. An index that can also make the brand climb quickly to the top of the ranking. It will be like this more visible on the Web.

Local legitimacy

Customers like to visit businesses near their home. Mobile users, above all, are keen on local searches. Therefore, it is possible to make local SEO on Google. Thus, companies that also have physical stores can take advantage of this to offer themselves more visibility.

SEO on Google: a question of survival

From all of the above, the importance of SEO on Google is well established. It even participates in the survival of the company. But to succeed in this task, the firm must be fairly rigorous in terms of choice of web agency. It must therefore favor an expert who offers personalized follow-up projects. This must exceed, at least, 10 years of experience in the field.