▷ The importance of the netlinking network 2020 -

One of the pillars of SEO is netlinking, which is a well-known ranking factor. But to succeed in its external networking strategy, it is important to have a network, both internal and external …

What is a netlinking network?

A network is a “set of intertwined lines”, so it is the essence of the web with web pages linked to each other, allowing the user to navigate and find what he is looking for easily. Also, to speak purely SEO, the netlinking network is made up of two components: the internal network and the external network. The first is the set of sites that make up your site network, some have many, others less. The external network, on the other hand, is all of the SEO contacts used to build links, through their own websites.

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The internal netlinking network

Having your own network of sites (example: PBN) means having control over the creation of backlinks, with the possibility, if necessary, of playing on anchors. This is what I advise in any case, to create anchored links (if there is a real need, example: competitive theme) on sites where we have the possibility of intervening in the event of… drift, more or less heavy (penalty for example). The internal network is in my vital sense, it allows to create the first backlinks and especially to open the door to the second network, which is external. To be able to open up to the world of SEO, you need to have tokens, in other words sites to offer to create partnerships, conduct exchanges or sell visibility.

The external netlinking network

If having your own sites brings an advantage in mastering your backlinks, it is difficult (and above all long) to create an internal network of several hundred quality sites alone. It is therefore essential to open up to the SEO community in order to conduct exchanges. And to be able to exchange, it is imperative to have sites with provisions which will send an external link.

Having a good SEO network around me is, in my opinion, a key success factor, because acquiring links is easier and above all it is possible to significantly improve the quality of its external network. The acquisition can be varied, because we always think about exchanging links, but it is also possible to exchange services (example: help with optimization against backlinks) or even to use platforms to delegate a part of work (Submit.fr, netlinking.fr).

Finally, some are reluctant, others convinced of their effectiveness, but directories, blogs and other free registration sites are still common and guarantee lasting links, with more or less good quality. There are very good plans in all areas to obtain a free and quality link. These are the “webpro”, or in other words the links associated with company presentations such as social networks, institutional sites or even specialized sites (here is an example in the field of events: evenementielpro.com).

Tips to remember for netlinker

Creating a link is also above all about opening up, exchanging and chatting with other SEOs. The French community is quite large and SEO events (SEO Campus, Webcampday, SD Day) are a great way to attend conferences with other SEOs and to meet people. To make good exchanges, I believe that you have to be fair and always seek the satisfaction of the other, because only win-win exchanges are sustainable.

Finally, as we do not live in the world of Care Bears, there will always be someone to try to have you, with a poor quality site, a link that disappears or a little “nofollow” that surfaces a few weeks after the ‘exchange. The only thing to remember, therefore, is that “trust doesn’t exclude control.”