TheUX Design is a user-centered design process. It is fundamental during the creation of your web platforms …


What is UX Design?

In the web professions, L’’UX design (“UX” is the English acronym for ” User Experience“) Is a design process that focuses on optimizing user interaction with a platform (website or web and mobile applications, software, etc.).

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TheUX is not only practiced on the web. Indeed, it is for example used during the design of all the products and objects of our daily life (furniture, cars, lamps, electronic devices …) in order to facilitate their use and their practicality.

Difference withUI Design

L should not be confusedUX design With l’UI design ( ‘ User Interface design“, In French” user interface design “). TheUI is therefore mainly interested in the design of the graphical interface of a platform (color codes, iconography, etc.). At the same time, L ’UX design is an approach that integrates both global thinking linked to the work of interface design and that linked to the intrinsic objectives (business, marketing, etc.) of the design of a platform.

What objective?

On the web, the objective of UX design is to make a product easily accessible and intelligible to the user. Thus, it will have to respond in a fluid and efficient manner to its needs, and make available the key functionalities of the company’s business.

For example: If I go to a hotel booking site, I expect to access a search engine from the start of my navigation. If it is at the bottom of the page, forcing me to scroll down to use it, my experience with the site will be greatly degraded. In addition, the manager of this site will surely find it very difficult to develop the number of reservations!

Furthermore, it is important to note that theUX Design is not limited only to responding to the ergonomic and business aspects of your platforms. It also allows you to work on:

  • The relevance of the content (technical and editorial SEO issues in particular);
  • Adaptability to supports (mobile / desktop / tablets);
  • User routes and navigation;
  • Accessibility of web pages;
  • The loading speed of web pages.

The importance ofUX design

TheUX design is not a side job of your web project!

Maximize the experience

Developing a site without anticipating the maximization of the user experience is a mistake. And it can be costly in the long term (redesigning the site and / or its functionality, etc.).

In addition, users surfing on a platform from their mobile or computer want to find information quickly and easily. He is rarely patient and has become accustomed to ultra-fast and personalized services with fluid ergonomics. This is particularly the case with the use of platforms and applications such as Amazon, Uber or AirBNB …

Successful UX

For a successful user experience, it is essential to study all the data you have on your targets. This will be done through user tests or data that you already have on your customers. In addition, you can directly make them collaborate during the design phases of your web project.

In this regard, a design approach used by designers has been used by companies for a few years. It’s the design thinking.

Finally, whatever the nature of your site (informative, e-commerce, business …), it is essential that the user does not get lost! This will allow you to optimize the objectives of your platform (inform, sell, educate …).

The advantages of working thereUX design of your platforms

Whether you are upstream of your web platform project or you already have one online, you will certainly have to have a deep reflection on their optimization UX.

Here is a list of the benefits you can get:

  • Greater loyalty of your users: a well-thought-out navigation builds the loyalty of a user. He will therefore favor your site rather than another on his next visit and will talk about it around him;
  • A better conversion rate, regardless of the objective (contact, sale of products, etc.);
  • Optimizing your brand image. In fact, a bad experience on a site will generate user frustration with your brand;
  • Improvement of your visibility by a greater number of visits and the optimization of your referencing;
  • Control of your costs. Thinking about the ergonomic aspects of your platforms upstream will save you from having to spend too much on human resources. Indeed, your products and services will be well designed from the start.

In conclusion

To conclude, theUX Design is an essential step when designing your websites and web applications. Indeed, it will allow you to get the best of your platforms both from the point of view of your targets and your business objectives.