▷ The information cycle: 6 steps to create content for your site 2020 -

Did you know that for a site, whether transactional, community or editorial, the actual writing act only corresponds to 30% of the time spent! Upstream and downstream there is a whole succession of tasks to take into account. They are represented in the form of a journey: the information cycle …

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First of all, it is important to know who you are writing to, what situation he will be in when he becomes aware of content and what his expectations will be of the sender (i.e. you).
This known, you will be able to choose the themes, subjects and angles that you will create; in short, do a little editorial strategy.

To harvest

You then need to gather the basic information, which you will use later to build your content. It is available inside or outside the company. If you want to publish regularly, it is good to set up information feedback circuits: group of employees, curation apps, watch, …


Gather all the raw elements (texts, photos, …) and make a plan or a pre-model is the next step. Everything must be arranged according to the objectives you want to achieve (reading, purchase, virality, …).


Finally here is the moment of production, you write the body of your text / article, you photograph or film. You create your content.


It is now necessary to prepare the contents, to stage them. Write a title, a chapô (the introductory paragraph, which will be found on search engines), photo captions, inter-titles,…

Integrate the SEO elements: words, expressions, photo tags, .. that you previously listed (see step 1).


We’re almost there: all you have to do is validate if necessary, check that your content is displayed well by previewing it and that it is indeed “SEO compatible”.

By following this route, you will make sure to publish easily and simply quality and effective content. It’s your turn !

There are many editorial tools from the media world. We will address them in a future article.