▷ The keywords ... but to open what? 2020 -

Wanted, proudly displayed in title or tag, subjects of many fantasies, the keywords retain, it must be admitted, a certain mystery for the common man. Why are they so special, why put them forward, and how?

More than a word, an entry key

First of all, it is essential to understand that the keywords remain linked to the SEO of your website. On print for example, these words can be highlighted for easier reading, but will not have an impact on the dissemination of your message. On the internet yes.

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Concretely, the keywords are terms used by Internet users when searching for information. Note that the word itself is not used much today, the trend is towards ‘key expressions’. A study shows that around 90% of internet users type at least two words in the search bar.

Keywords are therefore the terms to highlight in your content as well as in the architecture of your site.

Define these keywords

The words “sacred” are not not always so obvious to define. You know your activity, you practice it daily and communicate regularly using these famous key expressions, sometimes without even noticing it. The market is changing and you can lose ‘ranking ranks’ in Google over time due to the non-updating of these words. So we will have to redefine or even define them to avoid disappointment.

For this, I suggest you take a blank page and list the words that define your activity, your expertise and your values. Some words or expressions can be similar, group together or differentiate and it is a very good thing: segmentation is taking shape!

Segment, classify, order

You now have your list of words and phrases. Good point ! Now stay at the sort by theme. You will understand, to each theme corresponds a section of your site, and I would even say more on a page. In order to develop the lexical field of each of your activities as much as possible, it is important to segment the activities even if they are linked. For example in the nautical sector, the sailing and motor activities should be the subject of two very separate pages. This separation has two advantages. On the one hand, you please search engine robots, and on the other hand, you bring the information they want to your audience quickly and efficiently.

Well, you know everything about the keywords, sorry … the key phrases. Make good use of it for the benefit of your audience and therefore yours. 🙂