Builders have long relied on a stone to maintain an entire building, the keystone. Marketing Automation, and more broadly marketing also counts its keystone to allow the whole strategy to remain effective and to drain the expected return on investment. This key is the landing page …

The landing page: explanations

For neophytes, the landing is none other than a page dedicated to collecting data from prospects wishing to access the content they are looking for. This is where the whole point of a landing page lies. It leads leads (prospects who have shown an interest in a product or service) to the content that interests them. In this sense it allows to “qualify” these leads by collecting contact data in an automated manner. In short, a machine for creating business opportunities that radically changes phoning or purchasing databases.

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These data can be improved by the journey of each lead within the sales tunnel, we can then imagine that the basic data are improved according to interactions on a site by placing cookies there. The articles viewed by a user who has completed a landing page will be listed to analyze their preferences and send them appropriate mailings to optimize the information sent and minimize the boredom of poorly targeted mass mailings.

Creating value through information

Information is therefore the epicenter of the marketing automation architecture. If the landing page is the keystone, the content composes the other stones of a vault which helps to support the entire structure. Prospects today prefer to make their selection and compare offers online, so they carry out their monitoring and judge potential partners by the content available on their respective websites. The right information, an article, a video, or a discount offer that responds to a prospect’s information search is the most effective way to attract audience to a site. It will then be necessary to place the right links to more in-depth content, content to which access is conditioned by the submission of the form present on the landing page.

Segment to better market

Passing on the right information or the right content to a prospect considerably increases their conversion rate, that’s true, I just said it. But why is it possible? Because too many mass mailings leave each day including information that is useless or annoying for prospects. So many brands who forget that it is just a click to unsubscribe from a newsletter or mailing. Actions must therefore be targeted and more affinity! It’s at this point that marketing automation solutions are most relevant. They include a complete follow-up of the interactions of Internet users on a site. By placing, for example, a cookie on its website, we can therefore follow the content viewed by a prospect who submitted a landing page. A great way to analyze the behavior of leads to place them in the most suitable conversion tunnel by providing them with content geared to their needs.

To do this, it is encouraged to create different conversion tunnels according to the typical lead profiles. the organization tends to optimize the information transmitted. The conversion rate is significantly increased and the ROI at the same time. Marketing automation solutions then make it possible to create precise automations to effectively segment campaigns that will use content such as blog articles, expert interviews, promotional offers, etc. These automated campaigns then support the potential customer deep in the sales tunnel before handing over to the sales teams.

Which Marketing Automation Solution to Succeed?

Marketo, Exact Target (Salesforce), Eloqua (Oracle), Hubspot, and the others, all have in common the offer of marketing automation cloud tools obviously incorporating landing pages. However, there are many market players, and it is not enough to think of marketing automation independently, these solutions must be integrated into customer relationship management, the famous CRM. Cloud CRM solutions like Salesforce, Oracle and others also integrate marketing automation tools as extensions.

However, the rare pearl is not around the corner, which is why we made a comparison on the cloud CRM solutions and of Marketing Automation for further.