Several months have passed since two exotic animals came to tickle the positions on Google. Admittedly, the strategy for building relationships has now become significantly more complicated.

But complicated does not mean opaque. On the contrary, the strategy to be implemented has become very clear!

The problem is that this strategy is sorely lacking in support. So here’s a little advocacy for SEO professionals to offer an adapted service to this new context: the method of creating links that all site creators dream of.

And for those who read it all the way, there is a surprise at the end (christmas present)

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Put content at the heart of the strategy: unnatural for SEO pros?

The natural referencing services currently available are all born during the golden age of “technical” optimization. And they continue to offer the same recipes (otherwise still as necessary, make no mistake):

  • Content with a broad and well-targeted semantic field, but without over-optimization;
  • Drawn tags;
  • Time to load pages as fast as a teenager stroking their first conquest;
  • A few “quality” directories and link exchanges if possible triangular.

In short, very good. But unfortunately, with Penguin and Panda, this is no longer enough. Snif… Because the 1st point of the list, which is still largely outsourced on a small week basis, has now moved to the heart of site performance. Finally, if we aim for the 1time place in any case.

Content is the key point that will make the difference. Even in the face of black hat techniques of redirects and other placement of semi-automatic “spinned” links.

You think the search engine results don’t show that? Ok, this may still be true for certain themes (as a publisher of a mutual health comparator, I know that traditional optimization boosted in black hat is still well positioned …).

But here is my prediction for the new year (in advance): 2013 will be the year of content.

I have already had the opportunity to say all the good that I thought of the “good big staining content” here: sweat and ink.

What keeps the “traditional” optimizations still going on is the deficit of a truly complete commercial offer centered on a contained strategy. Because it is extremely difficult to effectively deploy such a method on its own or with limited resources. So you have to get help. But for that, help must still be available …

Perhaps I did not search well (I will be delighted that you indicate a contact if you think that it is), but I did not find a service meeting this strategy. So, instead of sitting on a bench crying, I decided to explain my need better.

Without multidisciplinary teams, no quality content

To produce quality content, you need several skills (and therefore most likely several people):

  • A business expert able to identify the subjects of interest to be treated, the right sources, and to give access to relevant testimonies;
  • A creative who will be able to transform a classic form or approach and train-train, in an innovative and catchy support;
  • A writer able to write other than with a calculator screwed at your fingertips to measure keyword density;
  • A designer putting in image and page the ideas of the creative taking into account the constraints imposed by the expert and the editor;
  • SEO which will shake up all these little people to modify a title, place an expression, and adjust the technical format. But above all, who will be able to identify with the business expert the most promising subjects in terms of positioning and sharing;
  • A project manager who will take the pulse of bloggers, journalists, and other editors of sites likely to relay this beautiful content to verify, in advance, that it really interests them.

Do you see the blackboard ? Only beautiful people. There, yes, you certainly have good big content that stains!

And it’s not over.

Quickly find a high-quality community manager

Content production is just the beginning of the adventure. You also need a sophisticated approach to “placing” links. And for that, there is no need to wiggle, you need a community manager who knows his job perfectly.

It is he who will push the content as widely as possible on social networks, in cooperation with the project manager (ideally it will be the same person) who can directly call the maximum number of contacts.

This deployment is well prepared in advance, identifying and building on relevant influencers (there are several great tools for doing this professionally, and one that I particularly recommend: BuzzStream). Then, only then (this preparation therefore takes time), it will be time to speak to them directly about the content that has been produced.

The role of the community manager is therefore central, because it is he who is at the forefront of the strategy. It is he who will complete the “placement” of the link: that’s why I could write in another article that community managers were going to conquer the web.

And all this for a reasonable price!

Let’s dream a little: this service already exists … but in England. For example at SEOGadget or Distilled: read their blogs (sorry, it’s in English, of course), you’ll quickly have your mouth water.

So why not in England? Where are these superb “content / SEO / CM” agencies capable of brilliantly executing such a strategy? And I’m not talking about an aggregation of skills dispersed in several different entities as some very large agencies are probably capable of proposing. No, it’s an integrated team that can coordinate the creation and placement of high quality content in project mode.

Come on, I’m sure there are such teams in England too, hidden somewhere, and that you’re going to put me on the track. Otherwise, notice to vocations, there are places to take.

The surprise announced: your SEO offered!

The period is conducive to gifts, I suggest you gain the choice of manual referencing of your site on the 10 best French directories selected by a SEO pro, or the automated referencing of your site on more than a thousand directories. Whichever lot you select, you will benefit from a time-spaced submission with a unique text for each directory. And all this without doing anything … except participate in the contest!

We are organizing this little game to accompany the release of our new Zen Mutual site.

So to participate, it’s very simple:

  • Relay the following message on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook (copy and paste):
    • For the launch of the Mutuelle Zen comparator discover a dream link creation service
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  • Finally, to validate your registration, you just need to send us an email with the links to your shares (so that we can count the number of your “participations”) at:
    [email protected]

The results will be announced on this article, after a draw, on January 7.

Until then, happy holidays!

And don’t forget: if you know of agencies that can provide a dream link building service, I take it! More modestly: an experienced community manager on the Ile de England in affinity with the health / well-being universe also interests me …