Since we started full time on CWT Advertising & co’m and Agence & co’m, if there is one tool that has become essential, it is Evoliz, our management tool. Whether it is for billing our customers or all aspects related to the management of the two companies, Evoliz has made itself essential. The tool is constantly evolving to support the changing needs of entrepreneurs. Focus on the latest news…

As a reminder, Evoliz will allow you to manage your prospects and customers via a CRM tool but also all aspects related to the accounting of your business (quotes, invoices, expenses, bank statements, accounting entries, etc.). Everyday having all these tools in one interface is, of course, very convenient.

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I encourage you to test the tool, there is a free period of 30 days to familiarize yourself with the main features. And for self-employed people, take a look at their 100% free MyAE solution.

But back to what interests us today, the new version of Evoliz! Launched in September, it brought many innovations to save even more time in the management of its business.

Already an essential for nomadic entrepreneurs, the solution is now 100% responsive. You can thus access all the key information of your business wherever you are.

Beyond the responsive aspect, ergonomics has been revised to gain productivity! The main menu allows you to quickly navigate between your prospects, customers, suppliers and other key data.

Additional customization options have also been added. The CRM tool has been added the option “custom field” which allows you to customize the different information you want to record on your prospects and customers but also all the objects that can be managed via Evoliz (articles, contacts …) .

Very practical so that the tool best fits the specifics of your activity. In my case, I did not have to use it because the basic options are already very complete but it allows everyone to do a little what he wants with the tool.

The expense report tool has also been improved, it was already possible to quickly scan invoices (the optical recognition tool automatically detects key data to enter them into the system), a digital “banner” system was seen the day to further improve the management of costs (If the subject interests you, you have the details on this page).

Last improvement: new reports have been added to manage its activity even more optimally and obtain forecasts.

To conclude, Evoliz remains the must-have in terms of business management. All the essentials are there in a simple and intuitive interface.

The subscription is 24.9 € HT per month and additional modules allow you to go further if necessary. Feel free to use the first 30 days free to test the tool. You’ll see that the subscription will pay off largely thanks to the time saved and the increased efficiency.

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