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It is 1876, Graham Bell invented an object that will revolutionize the world! An object that will create the link, and above all convey an emotion! This object is: PHONE? Today, we know, prospecting is critical to your business. And in terms of direct marketing and its tools, the telephone occupies a privileged place, better than email for some…

Besides, you have already tried to pass of humor, seriousness or irony in your mail? It’s possible, but it’s hard, huh? (Not for nothing that it’s a job to do this, ie be copywriter). Because in almost 50% of cases, your interlocutors will misinterpret.

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This figure comes from a study by Justin Kruger and Nicolas Eppley (2 US psychologists). Basically, the idea is that the e-mail is to communicate the content, but not to communicate an emotional appearance.

Why ?

Because the human dimension of the phone is a simple exploration weapon, efficient and powerful … but as long to master this science! For telephone prospecting is not suffering from amateurism.

This is why I decided to share with you the best methods and the “famous secrets” in order to successfully cross the secret roadblocks, then get the meeting with the decision maker.

What are the basic rules of direct marketing?

Let me be clear: no matter the product or service you marketed, the success of a telephone prospecting is closely linked to the respect of fundamental rules of direct marketing. And as in all areas of life, it is learned.

Preparation and writing of an interview guide

The phone is a quick and cruel media! Everything is decided within the first 8 seconds. This is why the best way to stand is to be prepared by having a telephone interview plan (also known as the calling script or scenario) whose goal is to make it as efficient as possible.

call-prospecting script
Write a script before calling 🙂

You have an undeniable advantage. Before taking action, you benefit from the most precious thing in the world: TIME.

You’ll therefore be able to get ready in a single goal: to have a directive arguments and develop parades to sweep objections that may have the prospect … And besides, it will not have time to gather the elements of his ‘response’.

So beware, I do not say that it is enough to write a “classic” text and voila! Not at all.

Today, unfortunately, many companies still neglect this preparation phase. They write their scripts in a hurry by using temporary, or worse, by giving some poorly trained students the intricacies of the phone to take care appointment that constitute the iron spear of the sales force! Now that the prospect feels immediately, he sees the amateurism of the person who called him.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Quite simply, he notices that he has someone on the phone with a monotonous, quasi-robotic recitation. And that’s just awful!

Failure is assured.

In fact, the preparation is not limited to simply writing the script, but also and especially to the oratory mastery of the script, which will give life and faith to the message.

Manage your communication

The phone is a clean media, leaving no trace. Therefore, keep a personal file that you also name him ” contact form “. He will note all the characteristics of the call (date, time, duration) as well as the information relating to the telephone conversation carried out (date of call back, remarks, objections, possible reason for refusal, etc.).


This careful management of calls made through your accounts, allow you to regularly analyze your operations and make any corrective action on failure.

In addition, it prepares and promotes the subsequent success (in the famous “recall”).


” No I am not interested. I’ve just exhausted my budget in buying a printer and three computers. ”

The prospector who has carefully noted the information shall not fail a few months or years later to use in support of his approach:

\”I know that you are equipped with a printer and 3 computers, and we have just implemented an innovative process allowing you to better connect your computers, your tablets and Smartphone to the central printer which will allow you to save up to 20% on your production costs ”.

Language and voice


The telephone is a blind medium, connecting people who cannot see each other. It is therefore important to rely on tangible elements are voice and language.

Let’s start with the language if you do not mind.

When you call, it’s impossible to support your argument with gestures or visual demonstrations. So pushes you even more to deliver a clear message, simple and absolutely precise.

How to do ?

Only a cleverly and artfully written scenario can meet these requirements. This is why writing an interview guide observes the rules of form and strict background and leaves no room for improvisation :

  • Uses simple vocabulary;
  • Avoid technical jargon;
  • Use short sentences;
  • Prefers pictorial expressions, affirmative and positive;
  • Speaks to the present time (time for action);
  • Involves the prospect, you must banish the “I” and use the “you”;
  • Take all the negations and dubious expressions out of the script in favor of as many positive words and reassuring expressions as possible, like replacing the word “BUT” with “JUST”!
  • Outlaw negative words like problem, fear, danger, delay, small, but, no, cost, expense;
  • Use positive words like success, gain, investment, efficiency, economy

The voice

In the absence of the usual assessment criteria (physical, dress style, etc.), the image will be the prospect of you it will essentially suggested by your voice. You must therefore take particular care to your speech, the tone of the voice, the voice output. It is right to :

  • Articulate when you speak;
  • Speak at a normal rate (110 to 170 words per minute);
  • Check your breath (make breaks in your text to take your breath);
  • Smile on the phone, because the smile means and good humor promotes good exchanges (virtuous circle).

I want you to take 2 minutes to reflect on this last point for a moment with me…

Have you never been charmed, seduced or impressed by the voice of your invisible correspondent and surprised later when you discovered that his physique did not correspond at all to the idea that you had?

It is therefore important to be impactful, incisive and directive during your exchange to reverse the poles. You must give weight to your message!

But of course, you will encounter obstacles, the first one: the secretariat roadblock.

All over there!

Yes in my imagination I imagine like that secretaries 🙂

The secretariat roadblock very often constitutes the stage to be crossed before the appointment meeting with the prospect. Because filtering and managing phone calls to those responsible for the requested service is clearly part of the duties of a secretary. In other words, it is paid to say no!

The secretary or the personal assistant keeps the agenda to the point, I would even say to the minute!

So you have to get you noticed in a good way for her to remember you by the tone you’re going to adopt and content of your message. So you have to convince your interlocutor to pass his superior!

Let me be clear and precise: the assistants and secretaries are trained in techniques you’ll try to use. The techniques deployed intimidation or seduction have become elements they control. Better yet, they return the ball to you as a topspin backhand Federer 🙂 other words, with some, it does not work !!

But do not panic, the method and the scenario we’ll see below you will increase significantly the number of qualified contacts (completed with the party that was desired join).

At each stage, I provide you with an analysis to better explain and justify your approach.

BACKGROUND: Suppose you’re Mr Dupont, Purchasing Manager of the Company and Icome you are looking to join Mr Praud, Financial Manager of the Company Blindax (whose name and contact information you have been provided by a qualified file already in the database data you have).


– Secretary: “Yes hello, Blindax Society, what can I do for you?”

-Mr Smith (you): “Hello Madam, Mr Dupont of Icome Company. Can you pass me Mr Praud please, thank you. ”


  • “Can you” is more dynamic, more incisive than “could you”. It’s a step into action.
  • As part where you have the name of your partner, it is essential to call it by name and especially not by the title! So any question of style “Can you pass me the CFO please” is to be banned. This will immediately arouse suspicion of the secretary who, do not forget, is paid to screen calls and say no. She instructions of his superior against any commercial solicitation. So, she will send you back a boat sentence like: “Send us a plate, I will pass to the person concerned!”
  • The intonation must be firm and directive. Very often, the tone alone is enough to you to open the doors. The determination that your partner will receive in his voice leave thinking that his call is important!

First answer hypothesis:

– Secretary: “What is this about? ”

– Mr Smith: “Here, you may also be able to help me. I want to meet Mr Praud, because we are in the middle of an information campaign and I have been responsible for meeting him personally. You keep his agenda … “?

– Secretary: “Yes, absolutely …”

– Mr Smith: “Perfect, in these conditions on Wednesday 24 at 14:30 suits him or do you prefer on Friday 26 in the morning”?


  • Here, it is to value your interlocutor and you make an ally;
  • The assistant must feel that the call is important and that it is not hazardous, but rather information personally responsible for her;
  • the famous technique was the “false choice” of subjecting two possibilities to your interlocutor except that this choice will necessarily be to your advantage. Indeed, you will not proposed a “yes / no”, but a “yes / when.”

– Secretary: “No, I do not like his agenda. ”

– Mr Smith: “Ah in these conditions, can you connect me to him directly if you pait? Thank you !

– Secretary: “Okay, please One moment please, thank you …”


The “thank you” is not trivial at all! It is very important. It’s a way to politely dismiss your interlocutor thanking in advance as if he did not doubt that it would pass us responsible.

So I know you must have heard 36,000 times, but know that for a commercial message (spoken or written) is received, it must be personalized !!

Its good. The lights are green, you pass it …

To get the appointment

We’re done, we’ll pass you Mr. Praud. It remains to convince him to give you an appointment.

At this point, you have to keep in mind that your one and only mission is the sale of your appointment and appointment only. So please do not crack, do not be tempted to say more to your interlocutor. In other words, do not argue too much with your interlocutor.

Why ?

Because if you begin to reveal your arguments, the appointment would have no interest! Just keep to arouse the interest of the prospect to make him want to learn more and thus force him to receive you.

You definitely have to sell ONLY the appointment.


– Mr Smith: Hello Mr. Praud?

– Mr Praud: Yes, it’s me.

– Mr Dupont: You’re the Financial Manager?

– Mr Praud: Yes, yes it is me …


Here, checks the identity of the prospect. It is extremely important that he confirms his identity himself, as sometimes his office is shared with a colleague.

– Mr. Smith: Well, Mr Praud delighted I am Mr Dupont, Purchasing Manager of Icome Company. I allow myself to contact you, because currently we are in the middle of an information campaign on the savings that you can achieve and that reduce almost 20% of what you currently consume … To present this in detail and personalized, I would like to meet you. Is Wednesday 24 at 2:30 p.m. convenient for you, or do you prefer Friday 26 in the morning?


  • Do not forget, your message must be clear, brief, precise and direct! So from the start, you have to justify your call (why you call);
  • The absolute rule when you call is immediately say the benefit that the speaker will draw if he meets you. This promise must intervene as soon as possible (some experts say in the first 2 sentences that match the famous first 8 seconds of a discussion);
  • The first attempt at conclusion in the form of a false alternative must take place immediately after the subject of the call, it must be like a steamroller so that the person caught up in speed can not react!


⇒ Mr Praud: “Send me your brochure by email»

-Mr Dupont: “Of course, I will be happy to provide you with documentation at the end of our meeting. Precisely you can imagine it is complementary to my visit and then you know for a fact that literature rarely mentions the items you are interested in Mr Praud. Under these conditions, can we say OK for Wednesday 24 at 2:30 p.m., or you are more in the morning [léger sourire]. Let’s say Friday 26 at 9:30 am ”?

– Mr Praud: “Sorry, but I really don’t have time to receive you”

– Mr Smith: “I totally understand precisely I guarantee that 13 minutes will be enough to make you presentation. Wednesday 24 at 14:30 you should or would you prefer on Friday 26 in the morning ”

– Mr Praud: “Sorry, but I really don’t have time to receive you. I assure you my agenda is really full.

-Mr Dupont: “Very good in these conditions it attaches an appointment principle in 3 weeks I you reconfirmerai appointment 48 hours in advance. You prefer the week of 17 to 21 or the 24 to 28, it suits you “?


Everyone knows from experience that the famous “It will take 10 minutes” means the demonstration rather will last half an hour or 1 hour. By cons 13 minutes, it is precise and the precision is well known, it reassures! Anyway, know that the day of the appointment, nobody will interrupt your presentation at the 13th minute past, it is not an oral sales at school eh 🙂!


– Mr Praud: “I already have a partner and he makes us very advantageous offers”

– Mr Dupont: “I hear what you are saying to me Mr Praud, I think you did not wait for my call to equip you … In fact, if I want to meet you, it is so that you can compare with what you have today, and especially how our new product allows you to … you’ll be in your office … or … ”

Or :

-Mr Dupont: “You know Mr. Praud, I would like to meet you first only to inform you, when do you prefer to receive me, the … or the …”


This is the most common objection! Because many prospects are very often asked, they automatically invoke this reason to discourage you, then do not pay attention. And even if your prospect does not have a fund to invest, you will still have informed him and therefore you can request it later once the boxes are full (photo image dollar bill).


– Mr Praud: “Can you tell me more?”

– Mr Dupont: “With great pleasure Mr. Praud, that is precisely the aim of the meeting, because you can imagine that there like that on the phone it will only be general information”.

– Mr Praud: “Good ok but very fast I have a busy schedule, please remind me of your dates”

– Mr Dupont:“Very well either … or … when you prefer?

-Mr Praud:“Let’s say it …”

-Mr Dupont:“Okay this is noted (validate coordinated, address, name, etc.)

Here, the appointment is fixed, so you see that it is not so complicated. Just ask what you want to achieve and constantly return to the charge, but in a smart way!


  • Preparing a scenario making appointments is just indispensable and widely promotes success;
  • If the file is not qualified, do it in two calls: First you get the necessary information from the secretary and then you contact the person directly;
  • On the phone, you should sell the appointment and do not say too much, otherwise the appointment will have no reason to be;
  • The phone is ultra-fast and super sharp media. So from the first seconds, you have to arouse interest in your project (give it mouth water). So, your first two sentences should encourage your prospect to receive you. Do not forget the absolute rule: hang your customer very early with a promise of profit;
  • The appointment request [la date] refinished must constantly throughout the interview;
  • For each possible objection, it must have a ready answer, very powerful (looking politicians, lawyers are the masters in the field) and ends automatically on an application for appointment.

If what I shared with you today helped you see more clearly, please share this article so that selling becomes second nature 🙂

Thank you !