▷ The new Google tool to refuse backlinks 2020 -

For my first article on CWT Advertising & Co’m, I offer you a little update on a brand new feature offered by Google: the refusal of incoming links. Because it begins to know: since the last update of the Google algorithm in April 2012 – the famous “Penguin”, incoming links (or “backlinks”) of poor quality are in the crosshairs!

The warning messages sent to the webmasters then resuscitated the fear of seeing their site descend into the abyss of the search results pages because of links considered to be false: link farms, illegal sites, or having no relation to the your, etc…

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But then, how to avoid falling and clean up a backlinking that would be too … abusive? The answer was given to us by Google itself, with the recent implementation of a backlink refusal tool, the “Disavow Links tool”.

How does it work?

Made available to everyone via Google’s “Webmaster Tools”, refusing incoming links becomes almost a breeze:

All you have to do is log in to your Google account and then access the following URL: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main?hl=en

Select the site concerned, then click on the “Refuse links” button.

You will then of course be entitled to a warning message. If you are still determined, please continue by clicking on “Deny links” again. Google will ask you to upload a text file containing the list of links you want it to ignore in its indexing of your site.

Some tips for creating this file:



domain:sitedespam3.fr (pour refuser des liens d’un domaine entier)

domain:sousdomaine.sitedespam2.com (pour refuser les liens d’un sous-domaine)

  • name your file clearly, for example “links-to-refuse.txt”
  • the file must not exceed a weight of 2 MB

When all this is ready, you will only have to return to your page to refuse the links, click on “Select a file” and choose the one you have just created. Click on “Send”, that’s it! A little patience, however, since the verification of submitted links is done manually by the Google team and that indexing can take up to several weeks.

Refuse links, a real good idea?

If I ask the question it is because Matt Cutts himself, the guru of webspam at Google, warns us in his video introducing the tool that this one is not for everyone! If not only a bad use of this tool can penalize you despite your good will, Matt Cutts insists that refusing backlinks must be done as a last resort, that is to say after having done everything to “clean up” »Your own links, namely by contacting sites pointing to you as much as possible!

Another precaution to take also: the choice of links to reject! It is a question of carefully analyzing which inbound links harm you, at the risk of deleting some which were not badly regarded by Google and therefore losing their profit …

I would end this topic by asking if using Google’s “Disavow Link tool” is not to admit essentially artificial backlinking …? Yes, if only informed webmasters are supposed to make use of this option, Google will be able to identify all the more easily which sites are inclined to try to deceive its algorithm …! Clearly…

Finally, I recommend that you read the “Guidelines” given by Google on the subject of “Link systems”, or even watch the famous video on the subject of Matt Cutts.