In late August, Google announced changes to the Quality Score for the Google Adwords algorithm. The new Quality Score has been online since today. By logging into your accounts, you will see next to each keyword the estimated bid to be on the first page …

Now in the States column you can see this kind of warning: Active, the bid is less than the estimated first page bid of € 3.75 ! This is the only really visible element of this new algorithm.

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As a reminder, here are the main changes:
1. The Quality Score will now be calculated with each search request, thus becoming much more precise.
2. The “inactive for research” status for the keywords will disappear.
3. The minimum bid will be replaced by the “first page bid” indicator which will indicate the minimum bid to be placed on the first page.

For more details on these changes you can read my previous post: Change for the Quality Score of Google Adwords.

The next few weeks will see if these developments will be beneficial in terms of ROI. Feel free to include your comments in the comments.