▷ The options to create a site when you are a VSE 2020 -

If most small businesses have now integrated the need to be on the Internet (96% according to the study succeed with the AFNIC web) only 76% of very small businesses have a website and 74% a presence on social networks (Src). The main obstacles: the lack of a dedicated budget or the difficulty of finding one’s bearings among the different options without counting the “technical” side which can put off the smallest structures without web skills. Today, we suggest that you study the different options available to very small businesses to create a site …


Option 1: Wix

Given its notoriety, it is often towards this solution that
rotate TPE. The advantage of Wix is ​​to offer a turnkey solution
very accessible. You can easily create a site from 300 templates
to customize. For a few years, the Wix sites which were famous
difficult to reference become more easily referenced. There is even
a tool to help you optimize your site for Google. It is
also possible to create e-commerce sites. The solution is very simple to
take control, just drag and drop the graphic elements to
setting up your site (no more complicated than Powerpoint), it’s definitely one of
its biggest advantages. Also note that features
more can be easily installed using the App market. offer
ranges from € 4.5 to € 35 per month depending on the options.

Wix rate

Last point, a free version exists to launch
quickly a site without technical knowledge. Some features do not
on the other hand, will not be integrated, in particular the SEO help tool.

Learn more about Wix

Option 2: WordPress

WordPress offers you two possibilities:
first, an offer in which you find accommodation plus your
site: WordPress.com and the second which offers you the possibility of
recover the files to install the CMS on your server:

VSEs will turn more to the WordPress.com solution
which makes it easier to create a site, even if the possibilities offered
are more limited than with the second solution.

There is a free version that will limit you
a lot (some features will not be activated), then offers
range from € 3 to € 45 depending on the options.

WordPress rates

In parallel, on WordPress.org you can recover
WordPress files to install them on your server. It is
definitely the best solution between the two. It allows to benefit
of the power of WordPress customization but requires
technical skills to really leverage it.

Learn more at WordPress.com

Learn more at WordPress.org

If you choose your server + wordpress.org
consider investing in a premium theme on sites like Elegantthemes or ThemeForest for example.

Option 3: Other accessible website creation services

Several options are still available to VSEs for
easily create a website. There is for example Orson.io which offers, either access to their technology to make, yourself, your
site for 20 € / month, or an option to 90 € per month where one of their designer create
also your design. Another option: SiteW with offers from € 3.99 to € 23.99 per month.

Option 4: freelance for a fully personalized site

It is not necessarily the cheapest option but
this is the one that will allow you to have a truly personalized site and all
the options you want. To help you find the gem, you
you can go to sites like Codeur.com or Malt.fr!

The England Num initiative

Also note that the government has launched a
initiative to help VSEs and SMEs to digitize: England Num que
you can find out on the website www.francenum.gouv.fr.

Via this site, you can find support for your
digitalization but also for your financing. You will find
information on the various aids offered to SMEs / VSEs, do not hesitate to
go take a look.

Now you just have to opt for the solution
more suited to your project and get started to increase the percentage
of very small businesses with a site?