Social media has turned into one of the best ways to promote a business. We are evolving in the social media era, a reality in which platforms like Instagram and Facebook can have a significant impact on all sectors like food tourism for example. In other words, social networks are good tools that facilitate the implementation of digital marketing strategies …

Why are social networks important for a new business?

Social media has more than 3 billion active users worldwide, with Facebook being the most popular platform. Regardless of their size, the number of employees or the financial means, all businesses should take advantage of the most popular social networks to achieve the objectives of their activities.

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Social media are tools that are changing the way businesses interact with their current and potential customers. They facilitate the relationship between the company and the public and are mainly used to share ideas, promote a product / service and interact with Internet users.

In the current situation, it is possible for small businesses to survive without being present on social networks: everything will depend on the market concerned, the profile of customers and the direction of distribution. However, for a new business moving towards an updated or global audience, doing without social networks is more complicated if it wants to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for providing good service to customers and knowing their needs. With social networks, this is much simpler and these platforms represent a good element of differentiation vis-à-vis the competition.

Over time, all companies are realizing the usefulness of social networks for a more direct connection with the public. But it becomes more complicated when you find the balance between strategic presence on the networks and unnecessary continuous presence. In addition, it is important to know how to correctly use each of the platforms and functionalities: Facebook ads, sponsored content, etc.

Benefits of social media for your new business

Help in finding potential customers

Social media is a quick, easy and economical way to use word of mouth for your business. It’s an online customer service that identifies potential customers.

A tool to sell more easily

These are great sales tools for your business. Whether in a BtoC or BtoB framework, you will have a direct communication channel with your audience.

Simple and fast advertising

Exchange platforms like Facebook or Twitter are great tools for promoting a business. According to a study, more than 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if they have already had a positive experience on social media on the product.

A strategic watch tool

As a new business, you will need to learn about the news and the actions of your competitors. Social networks will help you with this, thanks to feedback from Internet users.

Better visibility in addition to your web page or blog

By being present on social networks, you ensure a dynamic corporate image offering modern contact channels available to consumers.

Connection and engagement tools

Social networks help convey your image and increase the engagement rate of your audience.

Reduced costs

Compared with traditional advertising channels such as television advertising, radio advertising … social networks are more reliable and much more economical.

Real-time profitability analysis

Knowing the performance of advertising actions is fundamental to improve and optimize investments. Unlike offline advertising, advertising on social networks provides immediate results on advertising campaigns with different types of reports, for constant improvement.

How to take advantage of social networks?

Many customers send messages or posts to companies’ Facebook or Twitter pages. This new trend is an opportunity for customers to give their opinion and for companies to obtain maximum information on their target.

The youngest buyers, “generation Y”, attach great importance to companies present on social networks, especially those with a regular publication rhythm, a criterion considered as a guarantee of credibility.

If your online communication channels are rancid and poorly updated, a large part of Internet users will see this as a sign of dysfunction in the business. To avoid this situation, it is then necessary to focus on the social networks mainly used by your target audience. Also make sure you can be active regularly.

“Communication – human connection – is the key to personal and professional success.” – Paul J. Meyer

It is undeniable that the modes of communication have evolved. It is now up to companies to seize new means of communication to reach their target audience.

In addition to social networks, it will be essential to offer communication channels adapted to each consumer profile. Examples: phone number, instant messaging, chatbot, click to call, email…


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