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You know, the influencer marketing is a lever allowing to have a authentic communication and one KING the appointment. It makes it possible to more effectively reach Internet users tired of classic advertisements. Yes but now, the bloggers relationship can be very time consuming. If you don’t have a half time to devote to your influencer marketing, good news, we have the tool for you …

Did you know that 96% of internet users are influenced by a brand’s e-reputation and that 30% give up the purchase if they find a majority of negative customer reviews ? Consumers learn online before ordering, if your e-reputation is good, your conversion rate and your sales will be fine. Conversely in case of negative opinions … ” AIE Aie Aie !!! “

Have positive articles…

… Boost its visibility…

… Work on your reputation…

… And the legitimacy of its products and services…

… Be visible in search engines via bloggers’ articles…

Influence marketing no longer has to prove itself!

A platform to help you become more efficient in your relationship with influencers

We’ve talked to you about getfluence several times, but today I’ll show you how launch your first marketing influence campaign.

Before starting, a short presentation video:

The platform allows you to easily get in touch with no less than 3,000 publisher sites. Bloggers but also the media. 2,500 advertisers have already taken the plunge, why not you?

In one place, you find the main sites and blogs, no need to spend three hours on Google in search of the perfect site.

Step 1: selection of blogs and media (sourcing)

getfluence offers you a search engine where you can find the sites according to your needs. You can filter by visits, by awareness indicators (trust flow, domain authority, etc.) and even by the presence of the site on Google News. You can, in parallel, filter by language and by major thematic category.

Example, here I did a search in the “Employment” category with a trust flow filter greater than 20 and a site seniority of at least 5 years:

thematic blog search

I can then add favorite sites to find them more easily or add them to my basket.

You will also find links to the social networks of the sites, useful for having all the information in one place.

You even have an indicator that tells you if the price is negotiable or not (if the indicator next to the tariff is green, you have the possibility to negotiate).

You can gradually build up your list of sites relevant to your marketing influence campaign. And if you can’t do it (or are you a little bit lazy?), You have the possibility of requesting a personalized sourcing, carried out by the teams of getfluence. “Aren’t they nice?” “

Step 2: Briefing

At the time of the briefing, you will have several options presented to you. Already if the blogger is open to negotiations, a field will allow you to negotiate the price. Do not hesitate to negotiate systematically.

Then you have the choice between leaving the writing to the blogger or providing the article. In some cases the price will be different.

Then come the choice of the number of words. In the initial price, you have an article of 300 words, you can add words but the price will increase, which is normal. In general, I advise you to target more than 1000 words so that the article is more likely to position itself in Google and thus brings you better results.

You can finally indicate to the site:

  • The link you want;
  • Your brief, do not hesitate to explain your need well so as not to have unpleasant surprises;
  • Relay on social networks (some sites include it in the basic rate, others do not);
  • The desired publication date.

In short, you can really develop a specific brief for optimal results as part of your marketing influence campaign.

brief bloggers

You just have to validate your order and wait for the return of the blogger (s). “Isn’t life beautiful?” “

And then: management and monitoring of your campaign

Once the order has been placed, you can easily follow your blogger relationship campaign via a dashboard telling you what to do with current, completed or refused campaigns.

My opinion on getfluence

The platform is very easy to use and allows access to a large number of blogs. In normal times, the blogger relationship is very time-consuming, it is a real time saver.

In one place, we can do our sourcing, contact bloggers, negotiate, manage invoicing and eternal back-and-forth during the writing phase. “Phew a real relief! “

Note that you can also choose to let the getfluence team manage the campaign for you!

Oh and I forgot … if you are a blogger or editor of a media site, you can subscribe to the platform to monetize your audience.

And if you have the double profile (advertiser / publisher), it is possible to have an account allowing you to easily switch from one role to another, which is quite rare with this type of marketing platform.

So, do you want to get into influencer marketing?

Click here to create your free account on getfluence

Article written in collaboration with getfluence.