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Copywriting is the art and science of persuading with words. Too often relegated to the background, it is nevertheless the keystone of your business. If you’re having trouble convincing people that your ideas are great, if you feel you can sell more, but you can’t, or if you’re a good technician, but a bad seller, copywriting will revolutionize your daily life. Behind this dusty word: real (David Ogilvy, father of advertising) and fictional (Don Draper, hero of the Mad Men series) geniuses, but also some basic techniques accessible to everyone…

The puzzle is in this classroom. The students, a mix of poets and sellers that only a country like America can offer us, try to answer the professor’s question. The one who waves his pen in front of the central desk is none other than Joseph Sugarman, legendary copywriter. The basic question is about the purpose of a title. Too complex, confused, convoluted, the answers do not satisfy the mythical sweet man.

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In reality, a title is used to encourage the reader to read the first sentence.

I know, I know, it sounds silly. And it really is!

Copywriting: simple, but not easy

But simple doesn’t mean easy. Quite the contrary. Yet in this simplicity lies the most absolute secret of copywriting. And effective texts. The kind of advice that is used both by literary writers and technical writers. Because when we want to do too much, we hurt. To be or not to be is one of the most famous phrases in the history of writing. It’s also one of the simplest.

The metaphor of the slide

When we are faced with an inspiring copywriter, our eyes glide over the text with the carefree attitude of a child sliding on a slide.

In this article, we will see how to structure your next texts so that they are more impactful, more inspiring, more convincing, whether it is a product sheet, a sales email, a message for colleagues…

The paramount importance of the title

Some of the biggest copywriters on planet Earth and surrounding galaxies are quick to recommend that aspiring copywriters spend half their time developing the title.

2 hours to write a 3000-word river article, then 2 hours to write a title of less than 70 characters! Seriously? Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is so important to spend time on optimizing the title that it is better to put too much effort into it rather than too little.

So how do you write a headline that gets attention and makes you want to read more? The subject was treated and reprocessed throughout the 20th century, both by marketing geniuses and the best journalists.

Develop an effective title with the 4Us

A full title should contain between 2 and 4 of the famous 4 U’s

  • Emergency;
  • Usefulness;
  • Uniqueness;
  • Ultra-specificity.

Make an irresistible offer: the benefit

More generally, I would say that it must above all highlight in a clear and limpid manner, like the seductive water of a Mediterranean cove, a solid benefit. A benefit is what allows the characteristic of a product or service.

A supplement from beta-carotene will technically allow the skin to prepare for exposure to the sun and reduce the risk of sunburn by 80%. It’s good, but it’s not a benefit.

Above all, you will be able to enjoy your well-deserved days at the beach in peace, come back to the office in peanut color and make your colleagues pale with jealousy. This is a benefit (three-in-one, for once).

3 title templates

You just have to choose a title template.

  • Direct, (20% off your next sunscreen), ideal for competitive audiences;
  • Indirect, (how this girl tanned 2x faster without getting a sunburn with this unusual product), ideal for those who need inspiration;
  • Informative (how to sunbathe without ever getting a single sunburn), ideal for readers who have a clearly identified need.

The structure of the body of the text

50% of the time on the title, 50% on the rest! We have talked a lot about the catchphrase, we must now take care of the copy as such, the one that will no longer attract attention and arouse interest, but redirect desire and push to action.

Only, its content will depend as much on the nature of the offer as on its distribution channels.

Because this last sentence is not enough, let’s take the metaphor of the slide again. The title is used to put the child in your readers on your slide. The first paragraph will determine the following choice: go back or start.

Step by step without misstep

Remember what that sacred Sugarman said. If the title is used for your prospects to read the first sentence, the first sentence is used to read the second and so all parties.

Each element of your text should slide the eyes that read you on the next. Herein lies the only fundamental truth of an attractive, inspiring, convincing text. A text that seduces and sells like a formidable salesperson who would work 24/7 and who would have the gift of ubiquity. Welcome to internet paradise!

A variable length structure

Whether you choose an AIDA structure (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action), PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) or longer, the important thing is that your text communicate on the following points.

visualization. People don’t consume to buy products or services, but to become better versions of themselves. Quickly form a double image in the mind of your prospect: that if he does not give himself the means to overcome an obstacle and that of the realization of his deep desire.

Credibility. Who are you ? And why should the prospect buy from you? However, be careful not to align your skills in “I’m too good, I’m the best!” “. Answer this one question: why you? And just answer only the “why”.

Characteristics AND earnings. In the form of a unified or separate list, explain the characteristics of your product or service as well as what they imply for the reader. Each characteristic has a benefit.

evidence. The border between an excellent salesman and a charlatan is sometimes very fine, especially when the first starts making promises to get his business off the ground. However, an explosive offer is a sine qua non condition for differentiating oneself on the market. The key is to back up your promises with testimonials. And if you’re new, use storytelling and take the place of the hero.

Guarantee. 60, 90, 120 days money back guarantee! Do not go with a dead hand, make it clear to your prospects that there is no risk in becoming a customer. Many entrepreneurs always have a ball in their stomachs when it comes to guarantees, with the grim impression that people will take advantage of them. You know what ? It’s possible. But the sales will have exploded so much, that you will be a winner anyway, and that’s what matters! Increase the price of your product by 5%, at worst, and if you really get too much feedback, you have a few questions to ask yourself about its quality.

Call to action. Yes ! We weren’t dragging your prospects’ emotional share down a slide hoping they’d guess where the next best and biggest attraction will be. It clearly indicates where the suite is located, still avoiding flash inscriptions and other questionable aesthetics WordArt 97 style.

Emergency. Do you know what’s good with Post Scriptum? It’s because it’s not really part of the text, it draws attention down there. And we like what attracts attention. So inevitably, nothing better than infusing a sense of urgency in the P.S.

Copywriting: accessible to everyone with a few basic notions

Copywriting, as we have seen, is the ability to sell in writing. Or to convince, at least. Suffice to say that it is a crucial element for any business and downright fundamental for digital entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a product sheet, a sales email or a capture page, the few essential links of an irresistible offer presented here will help you perfect your figures!

In the next article, we will see together the importance of supply in the success of a business with examples, among others, from PayPal, Domino’s Pizza and Federal Express.

In the meantime, discover the 5 secrets of an irresistible offer on French copywriting.

Sincerely yours and full of success,

Loris C.