▷ The secrets of a successful podcast! 2020 -

If you want to popularize your podcast or that of your company, the following reading should be of great interest to you. There are several tips for launching a successful podcast!

You must have your podcast information

What do I mean by that? It is very important at the launch of your podcast that you are in possession of everything related to your project, such as the domain name of your podcast, having financed the hosting of your podcast, owning the RSS feed of your podcast as well as own the rights to your podcast.

May your website be with WordPress.com, Blogger or others, it is absolutely crucial that you are in total control of the rights and the destiny of your podcast. To make sure it goes well, you need to follow simple steps.

First, you can go to sites like NameCheap, Domains in Seconds, BlueHost and Dreamhost to get a domain name. On these same sites, you can, in some cases, even host your website. Therefore, by combining the two, you often get a better price.

If your podcast has a lot of visitors, you can also think about getting an online storage service and getting the service Feedburner’s MyBrand or distribution Premium by Paul Colligan to make sure the RSS feed is yours.

The best of the best

It may sound a little arrogant said like that. However, when you are podcasting, it must be on a subject not only that you are passionate about, but also where you are very good. You have to choose an area where you can not only win, but dominate.

Unfortunately (or luckily), this is what determines a good podcast from a bad one fairly quickly. You also need to bring things with your podcast that no one else is doing yet. Your end goal? Be at the top!

You must have a good microphone

Obviously, having a good tool to record your content is one of the basics of podcasting. No matter how interesting things you say or have high-profile guests / experts, if the sound quality is ordinary, the people listening to you will probably be on their last visit.

Fortunately, there are several options on the market at a very attractive price, which I allude to in my French training on podcasting. So you can go there for very competitively priced microphones before you go for something a little more professional. For example, make sure you really like the podcasting world or feel like you’re ready for another step.

As first microphone ideas, there would be the noise canceling microphone Logitech if you’ve just started podcasting and have a low budget. Otherwise, as a slightly more expensive, but really better option, there is the microphone Snowball.

You can ask your friends, consult on the internet or ask a professional what would be best for you according to your needs and your budget.

If you’d like more tips for making a successful podcast, I recommend reading this article.

See you next time !