You regularly work on new missions and you meet new customers for different projects? It is important to clearly define the needs of each person in order to succeed in your mission by avoiding any misunderstanding. However, the dialogue is not always easy and you may forget to educate yourself on certain points. This is why it is important to find solutions in order to improve your organization and quickly gather all the information necessary for realization of your project

Whether for illustration, SEO or web writing for example, you can use a practical tool who will never leave you: the Specifications ! Indeed, if you have never used it, do not hesitate to read on to discover its importance and adopt it in your organization professional.

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Presentation of the specifications

As a first step, it is important to remember what a Specifications to help you set it up. This essential tool is a document which will allow you to list the expectations and needs of your client while clearly identifying his project. If you work in writing, the Specifications will allow you to gather information concerning the text to be written, or the set of texts relating to a common project.

This format allows you to gather a lot of information such as the outline of your text, the theme and subjects to be covered during your mission, the different targets to be taken into account and the size of your texts to work with complete instructions.

Whatever your field, you can therefore use the Specifications adapting it to the information you need. This will allow you to do everything synthesize on a single document and clearly identify the work to be done while ensuring that your client validates the specifications before starting.

Organize the specifications according to your mission

The Specifications is a document that you can customize according to your activity, but also the missions you offer. Indeed, it will not be possible to set it up without taking a minimum of information from your client. To set it up properly, you will therefore need to discuss to identify the needs and objectives of the customer who contacts you. This will allow you to have a draft to work on before moving on to the next step.

Use this information to perform a audit and analyze SEO necessary in relation to the market. The result of your SEO will depend on your organization beforehand, so you should identify the project and the Goals in order to succeed your SEO natural.

When you have your different elements, all you have to do is put everything together in one complete specifications and perfectly organized. These different steps will take time before you embark on the mission, but it is important to prepare yourself well to succeed in your SEO work.

If you don’t know where to start to organize your Specifications, start by dividing it with several parts:

  • The presentation of the project;
  • The needs to be met through the mission;
  • SEO needs and analyzes;
  • The constraints related to this project;
  • The planning and budget.

Of course, it is possible to modify this organization according to your SEO mission or the nature of your work. You can create a classic model and adapt it according to the missions for win time. You will quickly see that this essential tool is a working basis that you can prepare with different versions for boost your organization.

Why use SEO specifications?

If you are already used to working without completing a specifications for your SEO work, you are probably wondering why you should use it. You will quickly understand it by using it!

Indeed, by taking the time to detail everything before starting the job, you will have a tool convenient to communicate with other providers or with your client. This format will allow you to clearly list each item and make sure you don’t forget anything from the start in order to meet the demand. But it will also be a good way to keep track of advancement of your project if you take the time to update it regularly.

It will not always be easy to achieve this at the start, but a Specifications incomplete will always be more effective than Specifications non-existent! So, don’t wait any longer to adopt this new tool in your daily SEO and in your professional communication in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises!