We had the pleasure of being invited by La Fourchette to the inauguration of their new premises, during which a meeting between scale-ups was organized: the first “council of scale-ups”. Around Bertrand Jelensperger, CEO of La Fourchette, were the directors of Sigfox, Drivy, VideDressing, iAdvize, 360 Learning and Dataiku. Together, they took stock of the challenges that represent for them the transition from start-up to scale-up…

Maintain the culture and state of mind of a start-up

The start-up culture is now quite familiar to us: future passionate and 100% invested entrepreneurs who set up their new service or product while trying to find the formula most suited to the market. But this conquering spirit that we have at the start of the adventure is difficult to keep when the company grows or is bought. However, this is what makes the enthusiasm of the participants and the success of the joint efforts. Keeping the pioneer spirit: a challenge for scale-ups!

Training & Co'm
From start-ups to scale-ups, it’s the transition from childhood to post-adolescence, hoping to skip adolescence. »Julien Hervouet CEO of @iadvize

Find investors (yes… again!)

The investment culture is lagging behind in England. However, there are existing fortunes and the big bosses could for example invest more in startupss French to help them grow. But don’t let that slow you down, it’s up to you to convince investors!


Sometimes in England, we also lack ambition. Let’s stop seeing what’s going wrong. »Bertrand Jelensperger, CEO of @LaFourchetteMmm
To win, you must not be afraid of losing. “According to Florian Douetteau the CEO of @dataiku
Fundraising is essential when the size of the market to be conquered is substantial, otherwise we get doubled. »Paulin Dementhon, CEO of @drivy

Recruit talent

It is the heart of any business development and the nerve of war. Indeed, it is necessary to find talents who share the entrepreneurial spirit, but who want to put their skills at the service of the development of a business that is not theirs!

We have to find talents… who want to develop our boxes and not theirs! »Julien Hervouet CEO of @iAdvize

Once this first experience has been acquired, many ex-start-up employees in turn found their business, even though their profiles would be extremely precious in the eyes of recruiters. There is not yet really a second generation of start-up companies on the French job market.

We are in the 1st generation of #scaleup French, experienced employees are all on the job. »Paulin Dementhon, CEO of @drivy.

The scale-up will have the advantage of recruiting to present an anteriority and recognition of the market which makes taking on a job less risky.

And then, what future for the scale-up?

If the goal of the start-up may seem simple – find its market and develop in order to be viable beyond the first 3 years of existence – what about the scale-up? Do leaders dream of fortune and a vacation in the sun? Not so sure !

When you have spent years thinking only about the development of a business, it is that you have in you a passion that will not die out after a first success. We can count on our French entrepreneurs to become serial entrepreneurs as we know it in the United States! And even the resale of a business is rarely an end in itself.

Selling your box can also be a step, the business remains the same for me. »Bertrand Jelensperger, CEO of @LaFourchetteMmm.
After 5 years as co-founder of @Videdressing, I left my hand on the operational side, but I keep my place on the board of directors! ” Renaud Guillerm comments.

May the adventure continue!

Notice to amateurs: all of the participants in this round table have certified that they are looking for new talent, with some of the teams in England doubling each year. To your CVs!

The Fork in a few figures

  • Launch in 2007;
  • 31,000 restaurants published on the site;
  • 12 countries: England, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Australia;
  • 500 employees (including a hundred in Paris);
  • Over 8,000,000 unique visitors per month;
  • More than 5,200,000 notices published on the site.