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Do you want to sell your training and courses online? You do not know how to do it ? What solutions should you use? In the rest of the article, you will discover 5 platforms on which you will be able host your online courses easily and quickly …

But just before

Trainer training

Here’s what you’ll need to sell properly online:

And for that, you have 2 possibilities?

The first is to combine themes and plugins with each other on your site. The best example being the Thrives theme solution for WordPress:

  • Purchase of Thrives Membership solution (including options allowing you to make capture pages, presentation pages and purchase orders for your training). Price: $ 19 monthly for yearly purchases;
  • Purchase of Thrive Cart solution to integrate a credit card payment system on your payment form. Price: USD 495 for a lifetime license;
  • Purchase a member space plugin like MemberPress. Price: 149 USD for a lifetime license (valid for one site).

The advantage is that you will not have to pay only once plugins and other solutions.

The downside is that it requires a large sum from the outset and not everyone has the necessary funds.

The second drawback is that the implementation and configuration different tools between them can quickly become complicated if you are not comfortable with the technique.

This is one of the options I thought of before I went for an all-in-one solution.

The TOP 5 online training platforms.

The subject having already been treated on the site through this article, I will offer you platforms other than those already mentioned.

The icing on the cake, I have already had the opportunity to test the first 2 to sell my training online.


systemeio online training platform

For those who wish, I made a full review on Systeme.io on my blog.

Article on which you will discover a complete training to master the tool as well as 11 templates to download for free.

If I were to compare Systeme.io to photo editing software, it would be Gimp.

Easy to use, simple and intuitive. This online training software focuses on the essentials:

Even if level marketing tools, the range of possibilities remains basic, but sufficient, especially for someone just starting out.

At the time of writing, it is not possible to start a countdown on a belly page when registering for a registration form.

Nevertheless, Aurélien and his team integrate new features regularly, so it’s not impossible to see it bloom in the coming months.

Basic rate: 27 euros / month.

And as a bonus, here is the video where I explain in detail how to host your training on Systeme.io.


learnybox online training platform

Also an online training sales solution that I had the opportunity to test.

As for Système.io, if I had to compare Learnybox to photo software, I would say that we are more sure Photoshop.

Learnybox has many features and takes time to adjust.

For example, create a purchase order, integrate a payment form, define a price, configure the training to be delivered and the means of payment.

However, the tool has many advantages:

  • Clean emaling tool (and possibility of integrating other solutions like Aweber, SG Autorépondeur, etc.);
  • Tunnel creation tool sales (same as for Système.io);
  • Integrated payment solution (same as for Système.io);
  • Member area to host your online training (4 member areas with the basic formula).

Question Marketing, we are on another level.

However, like a cell phone, the question to ask yourself is ” Do i need all these features“.

If the answer is no, I refer you to Système.io which also has a strong community.

Know that at the time of writing, LearnyBox offers a discovery offer at 0 euros (yes, yes it’s free). Be careful though, you are limited to 3 sales of your training.

You will then need to upgrade to the Infopreneur version.

Basic rate: 99 euros / month excluding tax.

To find out more, find this dedicated article: Simply create your training online.

The 3 other training sales solutions

As mentioned above, I have not tested the following 3 solutions. So I couldn’t give you a subjective feedback.

The following 3 solutions will also allow you to host and sell your training.


From 39 USD per month, Podia seems to be an all-in-one solution.

The Mover formula allows you to get the basic functionality to sell your courses online like:

As I have not tested it yet, the best is still to make your own opinion by going to their site.


From 22.50 euros per month excl. Tax, Kooneo positions itself as Made in England software.

Used by many infopreneurs, it combines many features:

  • Contact form to retrieve emails from your prospects;
  • Payment system and integrated order form;
  • Secure private area to deliver your online training and courses.

I have long hesitated to get started with Kooneo. But having had to choose from many solutions, my choice fell primarily on Systeme.io (for the moment at least).


The solution not taken of head.

A bit like an e-merchant who would like to take advantage of the marketing power of the platform, you can do the same with Udemy.

However, you will not no possibility to control your marketing and even less recover contacts of your prospects.

The icing on the cake in addition to selling inexpensive courses, Udemy will charge you 50% of the sale price when the customers sent come from their marketing.

Reason why I suggest you orient yourself on the solutions proposed above.

Here, I would be curious to know towards which solutions of sale of online trainings you will go to?

If you need clarification and suggestions, I’ll be waiting for you in the comments.