▷ The training organization CWT Advertising & co’m obtains the Qualiopi certification 2020 Guide -

For those who follow the news of training organizations, you know, at the end of 2020 Datadock will be replaced by RNQ Qualiopi certification. This quality certification aims to strengthen the quality of the training offer in England. At CWT Advertising & co’m, we have taken the lead and are now Qualiopi certified in order to provide you with ever more qualitative training …

In addition to our ICPF (Certification Institute for Training Professionals) quality certification, which aims to ensure the quality of our trainers, we began the Qualiopi certification process at the end of last year.

These have just been completed and we are now officially certified. We are thus already close to 2021 where Datadock will bow out.

As you know, we now have a training for trainers. By being thus ahead of the certification process, we are better able to guide the trainers who will also have to be certified by the end of the year.

Beyond Datadock, which was ultimately only declarative, the RNQ (National Quality Referential) / Qualiopi, for its part, includes a real audit of the quality of the training organization’s procedures.

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