▷ The typical and (not so) quiet day of a communication consultant mom 2020 -

When I talk about my job around me, I often hear: “Wow !!! Communication consultant! You work from home, you do what you want when you want and as you want, it’s too good! “” … That being so: the utopian version of my job and my role in everyday life. What if we laughed at it for once?

Being self-employed is easy to manage

Very wrong ! If you do not structure yourself and you are not hyper organized, you are quickly overwhelmed!

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When you start, you have to manage the children, the husband, the cats … All this before you can think of taking care of yourself.

Result: 8:45 am, not showered, not ready at all and you start in 15 minutes.

And I’m not even talking to you about the “daily life” of the household! This one comes to interfere in your working time! You have to be able to juggle customer emails, service calls and laundry to hang up…

In the morning, the communications consultant takes it easy…

Wake up, 6 a.m.. You get out of bed painfully (the kids woke you up 5 times). You prepare everything for everyone, once everyone has their “post”, you run to prepare yourself. 9:10 am you rush to the computer, it’s already the race and you’re already late.

You open your supports. For me, it will be Webmails (3), Facebook, and Skype.

You already have 3 conversations waiting. Your nice customers have questions, requests. And that cannot wait. So this is your priority. You answer, and finally they were waiting for you, so you are 3-4 conversations at the same time.

In your morning, you manage: service calls, quotes (there you are happy anyway, you tell yourself that you are “walking”), hiccups, and your own business. Yeah. You have to think about it too.
Your page, your group, your newsletter … Your articles! For CWT Advertising & Co’m, but also for your own blog. Even if you don’t work on it every day, you have to write down the ideas, the main lines to make sure you don’t forget anything and be able to come back to it …

11:20 ! Damn, you have to go prepare lunch! Everyone will be at the table at 12:05 pm max…

Oh ! Well, the machine is finished … We will have to think about extending it!

In the afternoon, the nap

For the others ! For the communications consultant: 12:30 p.m. You “go back to the office”. You still need to prepare your mail. But you have a question on your page. And the immediacy of networks requires you to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Finally, you invite the person to deepen the subject in a private message.

Hop, 3 more windows open, 2 customers and someone in your network talking to you. 4 conversations at the same time! You can do it !

Damn ! The phone now (as long as it doesn’t wake the kid up!).

Of course, it’s still a calling platform …

2:00 p.m. : Already !!!! There, you close all the networks, you open your software. And you put yourself in creative mode.

You scribble on a piece of paper, you layer your ideas (on all the topics that come to your mind: design ideas, headlines of the customer brochure, shopping list to do …).

You create in parallel a logo for your client, you update the brochure of another. Oops. 3.30pm, you come back to “conf”. The monthly meeting with your biggest customer (or almost).

Here and there you reopen your networks to check and you respond to any interactions that arise, while following your teleconference (luckily this is not a video!).

4:30 p.m. : phew, your +1 managed the children. You run to the post office because it’s closed soon, but your mail must leave today.

You come back, 5:15 p.m. : It’s the racket at home. Concentration will be difficult. But this is the most important moment of your day. Your customers are available from that time. You know that between your social networks and calls / emails and chats, it is now that your interaction day “really” starts.

5:30 p.m. : you are asked, you respond to requests as you arrive, you create, you like, this is where you are in turmoil and you are most productive … Ideas are coming together, discussions are going well. And time flies…

6:15 p.m. ! Damn, you have to go prepare the meal! Long live smart objects, you continue your discussions while preparing dinner. Damn it! You forgot the machine again, hop! Te chained.

And the night. You bask

7:20 p.m. all at the table. It is still necessary to take a moment in family it is important … Even so often, your thoughts are with creativity!

8:30 p.m., everything is tidy, the house is calm again. You go back to your office. You are finishing what you didn’t have time to complete just now. You prepare your ideas for the day of tomorrow.

You have your publications checklist, so you have to program all of that.

9:20 p.m. .. You are going to ask yourself a little. Story of… To spend some time with your +1 (anyway!)

11:20 p.m. : Monsieur is lying! I have the house for myself! Well, a little reading on Facebook, what happens to my friends?

0:15, come on, I’m looking around a bit to get away

1:00 I finally close my eyes to this day…

And I start the next day (with of course a more or less interrupted night). But still.

That minute – just before you fall asleep where you say to yourself ..

“I like my job, I like my life
(my husband also who helps me a lot),
and I feel super privileged … ”

And that … it’s worth all the gold in the world …