▷ The Web Entrepreneur Day returns for its 3rd edition # WED2018 2020 -

WED is back! It’she third edition of WED, “Web Entrepreneur Day” which will take place on February 9, 2018 all day in Paris!

On the program, 15 speakers (Vlogger, Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtuber, Coach, Manager, Startuper …) who will make you live vibrant and inspiring conferences in TED format (15min) on different subjects of performance, motivation, personal legend, desire , action, priorities, mistakes and many other topics from the entrepreneurial experience.

Who will be with us this year?

Here is the list of speakers who will be present to share their journey and their experiences Friday February 9 in Paris, at the Apollo theater (near République):

  • Antoine Peytavin
  • Antoine Blanchemaison
  • Alexandre Chombeau
  • Selma Paiva
  • Lyvia Cairo
  • Sébastien Gourrier
  • Fabien Dessaint
  • Ludovic Barthélémy
  • Xolali Zigah
  • Laura Massis
  • Melika badreddine
  • Sébastien Lim
  • Zuzanna Chroma
  • Enzo Honoré

If you want to see the profiles and the different routes of the speakers in detail, it’s here: http://www.web-entrepreneur-day.com/intervenants/

They have planned for you a teaser video of the event:

You will also find in the room as many big influencers of the web as youtubers, coaches, freelancers, employees in professional retraining, executives, entrepreneurs whether they are from the web or not.

What are we going to talk about?

Among the subjects that we will discuss on this year’s theme “How to hack your life / your business? »There will be:

  • “How to use its content to stand out from the crowd? “
  • “Make a clean sweep of your life and your business 3 times”
  • “Entrepreneurs, will you be illegal in May 2018? “
  • “How do you have the spirit of success?” “
  • “Hacking: a matter of survival”
  • “How to get out of hell from 9 am to 5 pm and create your paradise on earth”
  • “Your future partner may be in this room”
  • “Find your light”
  • “What are the keys to a good evergreen sales tunnel? “
  • And many other conferences full of advice and energy!

During the event, there will also be time to network as it should, get to know each other, exchange the latest tips and business cards …

That’s not all !

When you don’t know what an event is worth and are hesitant to take it, it’s always good to have a real idea of ​​having feedback from other people who have experienced it.

It’s not just saying it was good. What matters is of course the feeling, but also what it has really brought you in your life, in your business.

We have received dozens of testimonials for # WED2017, over 90% of which were completely spontaneous, from wedders who took action the next day or evening of WED and who had a very special year.

Very often it has changed their lives in every sense of the word.

The terms “change the world” are often used, particularly in the start-up world. I think that “changing the world” involves changing the little details, by changing mentalities one by one.

I invite you to watch and listen to some ultra touching and inspiring testimonies from participants from last year that will enrich your way of seeing things and the world.

Here they are :

Kevin Tribet


Marie-Laure Voisard

Vincent Air

We received a lot of messages. You can check out others on our website if you want to watch them all.

We’ll see each other there ?

I click here to take my place.


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