▷ These errors on your site lead to your SEO (Arf!) 2020 -

Yoast and the various SEO tools can be your worst enemies, being too guided by them can lead to your SEO being overwhelmed. We saw that Yoast red / orange lights can be positive and conversely green lights synonymous with over-optimization. So how to properly reference your content ?

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It starts with avoiding the errors that plague your SEO.

And there you come back in the magic zone: content that is easier to write, and that leads to the results you want! (YES!) Prospects who fill out your forms, purchases on your e-commerce site, subscribers or other depending on your goal!

Error n° 1: Optimize your content without taking the time to REALLY choose your keywords

If you shoot anywhere, there is very little chance that you will hit your target! Play SNIPER and finely identify your target. Choose expressions that perfectly represent it and your product.

A real MATCH must be done between the expression and the page on which you optimize it. You probably know that. Getting there is less obvious! Why ? Because we often recommend that you take expressions with a large number of searches, but this approach will lead you to expressions that are too broad and too competitive that do not affect your SEO.

In practice : a sports hall located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris wishes to attract new subscribers. Like a snipper, she will choose Paris 4 sports hall type expressions for her main page or even Paris 4 sports course… “Sports hall” or even “Paris sports hall” are too broad expressions which do not attract the right people in this example. There are methods for strategically choosing your keywords, I will come back to that!

Mistake # 2: Writing too much for Google!

When you really want to reference your site so that its content is found by the people who need it, it can happen … that we do too much!

We want this article to be found then, we put the package: keyword to all sauces etc … But beware: when we abuse good things and that we let ourselves
carried too much by Yoast, it is Google who makes indigestion!

In practice : take the example of a web writing consultant who wants to position themselves on the keyword “web writing consultant”.

Maybe he / she wants to reference his home page on this expression, so he / she writes a text like this:

Web writing consultant, I suggest you support you in your editorial strategy. My skills web writing consultant will help you achieve your goals. Contact me if you wish to be accompanied by a web writing consultant !

Ouch indigestion, you see the kind?

The problem is that suddenly, we have such and such a word, and such and such a word, in just 3 sentences. The result doesn’t speak for its reader and Google doesn’t like it either.

Use the expressions you have chosen meticulously, but make sure that your text is above all adapted to the expectations of your audience.

Mistake # 3: Not developing your subjects enough

When you do a Google search, I’m sure you are looking for information from quality which brings you an element of answer see THE answer to your biggest question.

You want the person who arrives on your site to say to themselves “This is exactly what I was looking for (yes!)

So serve her on a silver platter such high quality content that she will not have to go look elsewhere for what she is looking for! (by sadly leaving your site and returning to Mr Google).

Study the competition, watch what your competitors are doing and do BETTER and above all put it in your paw !

In practice : I want to position myself on the keyword “organic facial treatment”, I’m going to study the contents of the first 3/4 results: number of words, number of times the keyword is used, type of content… And I create content that will bring additional added value to these results. More developed content, more up-to-date information, more relevant advice… All sprinkled with the expression “organic facial treatment”.

Mistake # 4: Not organizing your content

With the Internet, Amazon & co, you spend less time in libraries than you did a few years ago! But I advise you to take inspiration from this good old librarian a little rigid methodically organizing its departments… By genre, by author… see color 🙂

The organization of the content on your site is fundamental for your reader (and for Google in turn). Because your reader is likely to land elsewhere than on your home page! With well organized content, it stays on your site. He finds what he is looking for. Google knows that. Google loves your site!

Goal : organize your content in the same way as your target research. And that thanks to a good analysis of the expressions searched on Google, it is possible !!

And to top it off, the little Google robots (spiders!) Will also love this organization. Again the happiness of the Internet user also happiness from Google… and yours if you know how to answer it.

In practice : you provide training in the medical field, compared to your training catalog, study the expressions sought using the Google keyword suggestion tool. After study, you will see that certain themes come up regularly in searches, use these regular searches to organize the different sections of your blog, even see your catalog of offers.

Mistake # 5: Not promoting your content

You wrote THE content that your target audience will love, but you are not promoting it! (What !?)

Do not think that SEO is compartmentalized vis-à-vis your other marketing actions! It’s all your marketing that impacts your SEO: emailing, social networks… think global! We have seen it is necessary to write content that your readers will appreciate, and if they appreciate them on Google there is a 100% chance that they will also appreciate them on social networks, in your sendings of mail …

To reference your content, Google takes into account the behavior of the user (in analyst mode!). Number of page views, time spent reading… combine the right indicators and BINGO! to you the best places on Google.

In practice : to maximize the indicators that appeal to Google, prepare an active and regular promotion of good, ultra-quality content.

Mistake # 6: Using the wrong technologies for your site

Would you come up with the idea of ​​competing in a car race (like grand prix and all) … in a yogurt pot? No, no and no.

However, I know some who use generators of Wix type sites or other junk and hope to reach Google pole position. You know what I mean ?

Using a solution like Wix or another “turnkey site” is tempting, it’s true. When you are not technical, you can see the ease and the time saved. But all at a price. And clearly here, your SEO is the toast. You have a site, but Google doesn’t like it. Because the big problem is that tools like Wix generate code that Google HORROR.

Having a QUALITY site is essential to work well with your SEO, forget about this type of site generator and choose a quality WordPress-type tool. Think again of your ideal client to offer him a quality experience !!

Okay, I’ll stop for today! I hope that these bad practices to avoid will help you better understand what is wrong and especially to motivate you to take action for your SEO!

If you want to succeed in having, thanks to Google, prospects who fill out your forms, purchases on your e-commerce site, subscribers or others depending on your objective, I’ll give you an appointment for a future issue: I’ll show you how to start a great love story with Google.

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