▷ This is the story of a French #EdTech startup that flies away for ... 2020 -

… Boston, Massachusetts? Are you leaving us? No, we have not decided to leave the most beautiful country in the world, England. We are not tax evaders either, rest assured!

But who are you ?

Sorry, we didn’t make the presentations, what a lack of education! A shame when you find out what we are doing.

google loves me workshop banner

We lack, in England, and in Europe and in the world, an impressive number of IT developers (several hundreds of thousands!). Whether it is to create the new Google, the new Blablacar or simply a good, efficient website, we are lacking in strength!

So, with O’clock, we decided to offer an efficient and innovative solution: téléprésentiel.

It’s simple, it’s an intensive 5-month training to become a web developer. It combines the advantages of face-to-face training (real live teacher, classroom, other students, etc.) and the flexibility of distance learning (learning from home, 24/7 access to the platform) .

From home, the student immerses himself in the live-video lessons, animated every day by his trainers. A living classroom, which shares the same lesson schedules, the same educational program and the same objective: become a web developer!

After the lessons, students will be able to sharpen their skills with revisions and challenges, both independently and in groups. They train, help each other and are supervised constantly and in real time by an experienced teaching team.

We call it telepresentation: human support combined with the comfort of learning at home… and in slippers!

Here is a comparative table by type of training:

Face-to-face VS and MOOC

A little icing on the cake?

The training leads to a diploma “Software Developer level III (bac + 2)”.

Training can be financed through numerous mechanisms: CPF, CIF, Pôle Emploi AIF, training insurance funds, regions, etc. The costs of the training are 6,300 euros, and can be partially or fully covered upon study of your file. And, recently, we are launching work-study training, the first promotion scheduled for next June!

If no funding is possible for you, we have a solution: #LaFauteAOclock, where you will only pay if you find a good job!

All that is nice, but what does this have to do with Boston?

I’m coming.

Thanks to BPI, Cap digital and French Tech Hub, we were selected to fly to Boston for 1 week with 9 other startups!

To do what ?

Several goals:

  • Validate the possibility of creating an O’clock antenna in the United States!
  • Meet investors on site;
  • Learn how this market works;
  • The pros and cons ;
  • Mistakes not to make;

But we will do more!

For a whole week, we will share with you our adventure in this legendary place of education in the world: Boston and its famous MIT.

French startup O'clock Boston telepresence

We will explain to you every day why we are here and what our goals are on site.
You will also know what we are going through, our feedback …

We will also tell you the story of O’clock: the ups, the downs, the problems encountered, the joys, the sorrows, EVERYTHING, you will know everything about … Oops!

Do you like the project and want to help us?

We NEED you to talk about this crazy event!

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Thank you all and see you in Boston!