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Hi, I’m Theo. I have been a professional copywriter for two years. For two years, I have had the chance to write dozens of sales pages, on dozens of different themes. I was able to increase the sales of dozens of customers (that’s a lot of dozens …). Recently, I wrote a sales page that passed one of my clients (Laurent) from € 2,500 to € 4,000 – per MONTH.

Throughout the week, I’m showing you how I did it – step by step. After learning how to write a sales page title, today we’re interested in the second part: the introduction. so here’s how to write an introduction that brings in 4000 € per month

” I do not know where to start… “.

” I do not know what to say… “.

Do you ever tell yourself that kind of stuff when you start writing your sales page?

Personally, it happened to me all the time before.

Writing a sales page was a real pain, but my real anxiety was the introduction. This first big block of text that I had to write.

Why ? Because I just didn’t know how to do it.

I felt like everything I wrote was boring, and it was never going to interest my readers.

I wrote, I deleted, I came back the next day.

I re-deleted, I re-wrote… and like that for days (even weeks), without making any concrete progress on my sales page.

It was horrible. I couldn’t do anything, and I didn’t know what to say. I kept asking myself these kinds of questions:

  • “What do I have to say to successfully convince my readers to buy my product?” “
  • “Where do I start?” Do I have to tell a story?
  • “When do I know my introduction is finished?” When do I talk about my product? “

So many questions that remained unanswered, and which gave me great stress.

Fortunately, that was before …

… before I immerse myself fully in this world of copwriting, test my knowledge in the real world, and increase the sales of dozens of customers.

Some testimonials from clients who hired me as a copywriter.

Today, I write sales pages every day, and I do it without thinking.

But you know what is funnier? Now, writing the introduction is my favorite part.

Yes: what worried me before now makes me love it.

And all of that is thanks to two special techniques.

Two techniques that I follow to the letter on ALL the sales pages that I write. These are the techniques that allow me to write great introductions for my customers’ sales pages.

I used these two techniques in particular on the sales page of my client Laurent, who went from € 2,500 to € 4,000 per month (I told you about this at the start).

Here is the first of them …

Note : At the end of this article is a “bonus” gift for you, to learn how to write sales pages that sell.

1) Wiggle the knife in the wound

I sometimes see bloggers start talking directly about their product on their sales page …

It’s the worst thing to do!

Before saying a single word about your product, you want to show your reader that you understand it. That you know how he feels.

Why ? Because if your reader sees that you understand it, he will trust you. And he’ll read your sales page all the way.

Look… have you come across a sales page (or even an article) that describes exactly your problems and frustrations? Who is talking specifically about what you are going through?

If so, I’m willing to bet you’ve read this sales page (or this article) to the end. Maybe you even bought the product in question.

It’s called an “emotional connection” – and it’s very powerful.

What you want to do with your sales page is FIRST to create this “emotional connection” with your reader … and THEN only to present your product.

Because at that moment, your reader will have only one desire in mind: take out their credit card and type the numbers at full speed on their keyboard – because they absolutely want what you sell.

Now the question is: “How do I write this kind of introduction”?

The answer : just follow two very specific techniques.

The first of them is called ” Rub salt in the wound “.

The principle is simple: you will show your reader that you understand what he is going through by talking about his frustrations. Of his problems. Of his fears.

But beware: you should NEVER handle your player.

Not only will you lose sales by doing this, but you will also lose their confidence, because your reader will feel it (and he will not like it).

I’m going to show you what you MUST NOT do …

It was about two years ago. I had just purchased copywriting training because I wanted to progress in this area.

In this training, the trainer advised us to describe the fears and frustrations of our readers on our sales page.

Nothing unusual so far so – he advises exactly what I’m advising you there now.

Trouble? This trainer was doing too much.

When he talked about his readers’ problems, he did it in a virulent, manipulative way.

It was almost unhealthy …

When I read the kind of copywriting he advised us to write, I remember saying to myself:

” It’s dead. I will never write this stuff on my blog for my readers. “

I went to find the formation in question so that you could see with your own eyes.

Here’s what he said – word for word – in the introduction to his sales page (it was a sales page written to sell a plan):

– – –

And what if you don’t do anything? If you keep doing what you are doing?

You keep getting fat, over and over. To become ever fatter, sicker, more miserable …

Until one day, we come to find your cold and dead body at home, come to get it with a crane, and bury it in a piano case – because no coffin is big enough to contain your elephant carcass. ”

– – –

When I read this, I did two things:

  1. I threw up ;
  2. I sent an email to get a refund right away.

A guy who writes this kind of bullshit, I have nothing to do with him.

I haven’t changed a single word of the copy, I swear. The guy was really writing this on his sales page.

And the worst part is that he proudly showed it to his customers as an example! Anything big.

I know that (unfortunately) this kind of copy manipulator can work. It’s sad.

But I also know that it is quite possible to have authentic copywriting, which respects its customers, and which makes EVEN MORE sales.

And if I know, it’s because I tested it!

Look: this is what I wrote as an introduction “Wiggle the knife in the wound” for Laurent’s sales page.

It’s cool because the two sales pages both sell a weight loss program – so you can easily compare:

I’m sure you see the difference with the copywriting example I gave you above.

Unlike the other tocard (sorry, but that’s the first word that comes to mind to describe it), I don’t manipulate on my sales page.

I just tell a story that speaks to my reader.

I’m talking about the problems he knows and he keeps thinking about:

  • Manliness…
  • The fear of not pleasing women …
  • The part of self-confidence…

But I do not handle. I don’t do it to feel bad. And very important: I don’t invent ANYTHING.

All the things I write, my client has really experienced them. He told them to me on the phone, and I just transcribed what I heard.

You CAN write a sales page that sells without manipulating your reader. The proof: this sales page made my client go from 2500 € to 4000 € per month.

This is the power of the “Wag the knife in the wound” technique, when applied ethically.

Once you’ve talked about your reader’s fears and frustrations, all you have to do is apply the second technique to finish your introduction …

2) Paint the dream

There, it is the opposite of “Wagging the knife in the wound”.

Here you are not going to talk about your reader’s problems and frustrations – but about their dreams and wants.

In fact, you will make your reader imagine the life he would have if he had solved his problem.

And you’re going to make her want to live this life (while remaining honest and authentic in your story).

For example, on Laurent’s sales page, I told of the feelings of well-being and joy he felt after losing weight.

Because I knew that it was going to touch its readers, and that they would want to want to experience that AS WELL.

Here’s how I did it:

You see ? Writing an introduction that makes your reader want to read your sales page is not that complicated.

By following the two techniques I just gave you, you will instantly know what to write to start your sales page.

And above all: you will write things that will interest your reader which will force him to read your words over and over again … until he gets to the part where you present your product … and runs to find his wallet to give you his money.

This is exactly this part (the offer) that we are going to talk about tomorrow.

I find you tomorrow suddenly,

– Théo, Le Copywriter

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