Hi, I’m Theo. I have been a professional copywriter for two years. For two years, I have had the chance to write dozens of sales pages, on dozens of different themes. I was able to increase the sales of dozens of customers (that’s a lot of dozens …). Recently, I wrote a sales page that passed one of my clients (Laurent) from € 2,500 to € 4,000 – per MONTH.

Throughout the week, I’m showing you how I did it – step by step. Today we’re looking at the first part of a sales page: the title. so here’s how to write a title that brings in 4000 € per month

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We haunted you hundreds of times: “The title is the most important element of your sales page.

If your title is not good, you can say goodbye to your sales.

Why ? Because your title is the very first thing your reader will read.

Either he grabs his attention (and in this case everything is fine, he continues to read), or it doesn’t interest him (and he leaves forever, without buying your product).

That’s why your title is so important.

And you Know it ! That’s why your dream is to sit at your desk, think for 10 minutes, and come up with a great title.

A title which you are sure will catch the attention of your reader – what am I saying – who will completely hypnotize him.

A drawing worthy of the Mona Lisa.

The kind of headline you write that makes you feel well. Because with this title, you KNOW that your reader will end up like a fish hooked on a hook.

I grant you: the comparison may not be the sexiest on planet Earth, but it has the merit of being true.

You want your reader to be hypnotized by your title – period.


Whenever you try to come up with a new title, you feel like you are doing anything. UIt’s as if you were asked to do a dissertation while you were still in CP.

You get the impression that what you write is bland, stupid, and that it will never catch the attention of your reader.

So, to find help, you do like everyone else: you’re searching on Google.

You type “How to write a title”. Unfortunately, this is where the nightmare begins …

  • How to write a good title…
  • 20 tips for writing exceptional titles…
  • 13 unstoppable tips for captivating titles…

You want to scream.

Wooooow! STOP.

“10 + 20 + 13 +19 = 62 possibilities of titles… How am I supposed to make a choice with all that? “.

All this is oppressive.

And in the end, you are so overwhelmed with information that you no longer know what to do:

  • You don’t know which formula to choose;
  • You don’t know which title to write;
  • And your sales page is not more advanced – on the contrary.

You do it on the spot, and it swells you up.

Rest assured: everything will change today.

How to write a title that mesmerizes your readers

So NO, I’m not going to give you 36 title formulas that won’t serve you anything other than confusing you.

Instead, I’ll give you a method.

ONLY ONE method, precise, and which will allow you to underline;”>write a title that will mesmerize your reader – for sure.

This is the method I use to write the titles of ALL of my sales pages – no matter what topic I am in.

And she gets pretty good results …

Some testimonials from customers for whom I wrote a sales page

In particular, I used it on this sales page which increased my client from 2500 to 4000 € per month (which I showed you at the start).

This method takes place in 3 steps.

Here is the first of them …

Note : At the end of this article is a “bonus” gift for you, to learn how to write sales pages that sell.

Step 1: Find your reader’s obsession

When your reader finds out your title, you want him to stop everything he is doing. As if he had discovered the 8th wonder of the world.

You want him to think of nothing but discovering your sales page.

Your reader by discovering your title.

There are not 36 solutions for this: you have to address his obsessions.

“But what is my reader’s obsession? ” Lucas asks at the back of the class.

Very good question Lucas. Well, you see Lucas, your reader’s obsession is what’s in his head at 2 a.m. when he can’t sleep.

For example, for a single man, his obsession is to find a girlfriend. To no longer be alone, to share your nights with someone …

For a mother, it is her child. Its security, its well-being …

Your reader also has an obsession: you just have to find it.

“And how do you find this obsession?” ” asks Beatrice this time wisely, raising her hand.

To find your reader Béatrice’s obsession, it’s very simple: you have to ask yourself two questions …

  1. What are my reader’s three biggest dreams?
  2. What are the top three reader fears?

And that’s all.

Then, among your 6 answers, you take the 3 that seem most important to you.

Here’s how I got it for my client Laurent’s sales page.

This sales page was intended to sell a diet for men who want to lose weight. My typical reader is therefore an overweight man of around 30 who is looking to lose weight.

When I ask myself these two questions, I get:

  • “I want to lose weight to feel good about myself, to feel virile again. “
  • “I don’t want to be ashamed of my body anymore. “
  • “I don’t want to be embarrassed anymore when I talk to women. I want to please again. “

These are the three main obsessions of my reader. The most important answers.

Once you find the three main obsessions of YOUR reader, you can move on to the next step.

Important Note : Can’t seem to find your reader’s obsessions? That means you don’t know him enough well.

Before writing your sales page, you need to know your reader at your fingertips to know exactly what to say in order to convince them to buy your product.

There are several solutions for this. Here are the best:

  1. You send a sondage to your list;
  2. You exchange by email (by answering the questions you receive / by asking a question at the end of your emails to find out more about your readers);
  3. You speak directly on the phone (you suggest to a few readers to spend 15/20 min on the phone with you, telling them that you are going to help them for free on a certain subject. From there, you take the opportunity to ask them questions about their problems, their desires. You take notes).

The success of your sales page depends directly on the knowledge of your reader. The more you know your reader, the more you can write real in your sales page, that will resonate with him.

And the more sales you make.

If you’re having trouble knowing what to say on your sales page, I can’t advise you enough to apply these 3 methods.

Step 2: Detail each obsession

The principle is simple: you take the three obsessions you just found in step 1, and you detail them to find YET new obsessions.

Well, I admit: say like that, it may seem abstract. Let me show you what it looks like live:You see ? I took up the 3 main obsessions of Laurent’s client … and I detailed them to come with YET new obsessions.

The goal is to have 2/3 new obsessions (Wow, that’s a lot of obsessions say so …).

Again, you are not inventing anything. ITS VERY IMPORTANT.

When you describe your readers’ obsessions, you want to write REAL things so that your title really gets attention.

Hence the importance of knowing your reader as your own mother (and hence the importance of listening to them and speaking to them).

Once you’ve detailed these obsessions, all you have to do is mix it all up… and the magic will work.

Step 3: Mix to create a hypnotic title


This is where we see that simple ideas, when put together, can form a powerful title.

There is no magic formula: it’s up to you to mix it all up and see what comes out best.

It’s like cooking: you’re the chef, and YOU decide the ingredients that go into your soup. It’s up to you to make it delicious.

For example, you can highlight your reader’s obsessions with frustrations in your title … and then put your obsessions with desires below as subtitles.

That’s what I did for the sales page I wrote for Laurent, for example. Here is the final rendering:

It smacks with the image, doesn’t it?

When a man who wants to lose weight reads this title, he says to himself instantly “Wow, that’s what I want. It’s for me. “

This is EXACTLY the kind of reaction you want your reader to have when reading your title.

Because by feeling that, he will stop everything he does, and he will want to continue reading your sales page. He’ll read it through to the end … until he finds your product … until he buys it

If you struggle a little with this step, you only have to follow this title formula that works every time :

” For [Ton client Idéal] who [Rêve N°1] “

You can then put like me a small subtitle which shows the different benefits that your reader wants to achieve (these are the ideas that you found in step 2).

If this headline formula works so well, it’s because you’re speaking directly to your reader with it.

So inevitably, when he sees himself “called” on your sales page, he is interested. He wants to know more.

It’s like reading a title like this:

“For serious bloggers who want to make a living from their blog”

And in subtitle:

“Concrete training to learn how to sell (without looking like a carpet dealer), generate a regular income, and turn your blog into a real profitable business. “

If you read a title like that, you would be interested, wouldn’t you?

And with a little extra design, you can see that it goes really well:

You see ? Writing a title for your sales page is not (if) complicated

So be careful: I’m not saying that you’re going to earn € 4,000 per month every month thanks to this method of title like Laurent.

But what’s for sure is that if you apply it, your title will grab the attention of your readers (and therefore help you increase your sales).

That’s for sure.

Once you have your hypnotic title, the next step is to write a pleasant introduction for your reader, to make them want to know more.

And you know what ? This is exactly what I’m teaching you to do tomorrow, for the second day of “Sales Page Week”.

See you tomorrow, same time same port.

– Théo, Le Copywriter

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