Niri Brusa Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m
Brands can now engage with their audience in an even more interactive way on TikTok. The app launched “Gamified Branded Effects”, a new interactive ad format with gamified effects …

Interest in TikTok and especially games has grown significantly over the past year, making it a great way to interact with users of the platform.

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To help brands take advantage of this trend, TikTok has announced the rollout of its new “Gamified Brand Effect” format.

Brands can thus create gamified campaigns based on more than 20 different formats, directly on the TikTok advertising platform.

The gamified branding effect allows brands to entice users to use their facial expressions, body postures, or other movements to control and interact with branded gamified elements, in a unique sound experience.

Still, it is possible that many brands will think twice before investing so much in TikTok. US authorities plan to ban the use of TikTok …