▷ TikTok Launches New Q&A Feature 2021 -

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

To generate even more engagement between creators and their fans. TikTok launches a new question-and-answer option …

How does it work?

This feature allows users to ask questions of content creators which can then be answered in future video clips.

Trainer training

When concerned, viewers will see this:

Creators can then use the request as an invitation for a new video. Other profile visitors can also see the list of questions asked of a creator as a “vote” for cases they also want to see addressed later.

A new approach to generate engagement

This new feature is an interesting way to generate fan engagement and increase time spent on the app. Of course, users were always able to ask questions during a live broadcast on TikTok, but this new feature now allows fans to leave their questions in writing.

There are various benefits to optimizing the connection for TikTok. This allows users and content creators to stay engaged and come back to the app more often.

At the same time, content creators are strengthening the bond with their subscribers even more, which means more involvement for future influencer marketing partnerships and community development.