TikTok, who has just passed the 1.65 billion downloads on the Apple Store and the Play Store keeps getting talked about. The social network, both acclaimed and decried, was the second most downloaded non-gaming application in the world in 2019, just behind WhatsApp…

2019 was a strong year for TikTok with 44% of its downloads made during this year including 219 million in the last quarter alone.

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Who says growing audience also says rising income. The network has multiplied by 5 its gains compared to the year 2018.

TikTok, which has just opened a branch in Dublin to continue
its conquest of Europe must, in order to continue to impose itself more widely, settle
security vulnerabilities and other bad data management to make
in the face of growing criticism of this subject.

An important step that the network must take to
continue to attract advertisers. On this subject, the platform also launched
its Discover section dedicated to advertisers. This offers a secure space
to serenely distribute branded content.

And you, do you plan to communicate on TikTok in 2020?

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