Optimizing the SEO of a site well involves a multitude of small techniques which put end to end will allow its SEO to be successful. Here is a new series of tickets addressing the different points to optimize on a site. No big news in this series, it is more to give the basics of SEO …

Here are the topics that will be covered over the next 9 weeks:

1. Choose the keywords for optimization: semantic audit,
2. Site audit: identify blocking points and identify elements to optimize,
3. Title tag,
4. Meta Description tag,
5. Meta Keywords tag,
6. Naming and prioritization of files,
7. Optimization of texts and density,
8. Optimization of images,
9. Optimization of flash and video content,
10. Referencing of a dynamic site: optimization of templates,
11. Referencing a dynamic site: the rewriting URL,
12. Creation of content dedicated to SEO,
13. Netlinking: registration in directories,
14. Netlinking: site linking strategy,
15. Netlinking: linkbaiting,
16. Netlinking: link ninja,
17. Netlinking and viral marketing,
18. Netlinking, forums and blogs,
19. Netlinking for a blog,
20. Netlinking: purchase of links and Guidelines,
21. Monitoring positions and competition,
22. Monitoring the ROI of natural referencing,
23. Internalize or go through an agency for its referencing.

Good reading, if you see subjects concerning the optimization of natural referencing not present in this list, do not hesitate to let me know! To follow this list more easily, you can subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed!