Instagram celebrates its tenth anniversary! To mark the occasion, the Facebook-owned app added a few new features and updates, ranging from visual additions to expanding its e-commerce tools …

Instagram Story Map for its 10th anniversary

Instagram gives users a private map and calendar of stories they’ve shared over the past three years. Baptized “Story Map” or Story Map, these stories can be shared, downloaded and saved.

Google Loves Me Workshop

At the same time, Instagram will show its highlights in a product timeline celebrating its 10th anniversary.

A new range of icons

Instagram is also adding a range of icons to the app, aligning with the trend inspired by iOS-14’s personalized home screens.

Now you can choose from a range of app icons to better suit your custom theme. The new icons were spotted during testing by blogger Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag, late last month.

For it :

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version
  • Access your profile, then press “Settings”
  • Swipe down on the main menu to display the list of hidden app icons

Instagram updates its video features

The social network is also announcing the launch of purchases on IGTV, ahead of a test of the purchase functionality in Reels this year. This will make it easier for users to purchase products from creators through Instagram’s video features.

New updates on comments

Instagram has started testing a feature that automatically hides comments similar to those that have been flagged. These comments can be viewed by pressing “Show hidden comments”.

At the same time, the social network offers the extension of Instagram push warnings, which ask users if they really want to post a comment that can be considered offensive. An additional warning will now be sent to people who repeatedly attempt to post potentially offensive comments.

Some figures on Instagram’s growth

Instagram also shared new usage updates, as well as an overview of the history and growth of the app.

Among its usage information:

  • 900 million emoji reactions are sent to the app every day;
  • 50% of Instagram users watch a video in the app every day;
  • Over a million messages mentioning “meme” are shared daily.

So it’s interesting to consider how Instagram has evolved over the past decade and how the use of social media as a whole has changed the way we interact.