▷ To tu or to see my audience? What to do ? What pitfalls to avoid? 2020 Guide -

You or you ? It all depends on a bunch of parameters! I’m going to give you some questions to ask yourself to help you know if you should use the “you” or the “you” to speak to your audience, whether in your public content or your private emails…

But above all, I would like to deal with two false solutions:

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The stats show that tu is the best option

I didn’t know what to put in this subtitle, because there are statistics in favor of one or the other. I’m not teaching you anything, it all depends on the people you talk to!

So it doesn’t matter if something sells more by tututing its mail list, you don’t have the same (even if you are targeting the same target). Especially since these figures come from tests on a few emails or on the sale of a product, which is not enough to know if in the long term this strategy pays off.

Ask your audience

Not stupid after all, what could be better than asking them what they prefer?

The problem is that we are subject to many cognitive biases. You may feel like you would prefer to be familiar with, but, without you noticing, this will cause discomfort in purchasing.

Asking your audience what they think is the best way to do the opposite of what should be done.

In general, avoid following what each other’s statistics say – which are very subjective and probably lack a number of metrics – and what your prospects say – focusing on what they do, not what they say, helps to avoid biased data collection.

In short, as promised, here are the questions to ask yourself to determine which option is best for your web business:

What type of people would I like to attract? Are they better able to appreciate the proximity of the tu or the respect and the distance of the woo? What is their age, their character, their situation?

(You don’t know? This is the principle of the target customer: take the profile that will be most likely to buy from you and become your best customer!)

For example, if you’re talking to 40-year-old executives who lack confidence and show respect – I think of the niche of fitness for mature men who would like to regain the shape and silhouette of their youth – the “you” will surely be more appropriate:

If your audience is likely to be … susceptible, avoid the tu ; by inferiority complex, most will feel that you disrespect them. It would be a big mistake!

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What impression do I want to give? What proximity and link do I want to create with this audience? Formal, or more “buddy”?

Do you want your viewer / reader to see you address a community (you) or alone (you)?

What sticks most to my personality and my way of expressing myself? Am I rather “trash”, frank and “cool” or methodical and reserved?

Clarification : Going against your personality for targeting is rarely a good idea; target based on who you are! This will allow you to please a few very much rather than getting anyone hooked.

Note that nothing prevents you from mixing the two options.

You can quite familiar with your email subscribers and see your readers or viewers of your public content. This is what I do with my audience; I prefer to be quite distant with those who do not know me very much and very friendly with my subscribers in order to create a much more interesting, more frank and relaxed relationship.

It’s for you to see ! But as I’ll explain, you don’t have to worry …

Because yes, I would like to draw your attention to a much more important point:

Tu or wow, honestly, we don’t care. Yes, it can change something, no it is not necessary. This question is one of the things to optimize once you have a large following audience, lots of traffic to your site and a solid email list. And again, it only becomes relevant from the moment you think that it is this optimization that will bring you more results than another (which is not likely to happen anytime soon).

Focus on the basics! Creating offers and communicating them regularly to your list that you are looking to fill out and know as much as possible are the only things you should focus on.

To dwell on the question of you or you is a bit like asking yourself what color of sock should we wear today while we are at home:

It is so little used that it is better to do without making a fuss!

However, these questions are very common among novice entrepreneurs (evidenced by your interest in this article).

By dint of scattering to fixettes on useless things, they do not really move forward, because they find themselves imposing advice of dubious relevance and create reassuring but boring processes in addition to experiencing big moments of confusion – without ever seeing the shadow of a single denier.

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I don’t blame them:

Not only was I like that, but above all we are not really educated to remedy this defect which is after all quite natural; we’re afraid of doing it wrong, of failing. We want to give the best of ourselves.

Staying focused and thinking about your priorities is an art that cannot be improvised. This requires not only reflection, but also taking a step back on yourself and your project.
But once mastered, you can see all the difference…
Of all these questions that assailed us? There are only a few left that we can now focus on … And finally see the color of the results.

In short, if it is the hay in your head and your days that you need to make clear in your webproject? There is Omvi.

I hope this article has helped you, see you next time!

Vivien Willard.