▷ Tool: Better understand the statistics of your Instagram account 2020 -

As you know, in terms of digital marketing, it is essential to have relevant statistics to better manage your campaigns. This is also the case for your community management actions on Instagram.

Last time, I explained 6 steps to develop your community on this network, I took the opportunity to present Combin, a great tool to manage automated and relevant follow, unfollows, comments, likes and others to automate what can be automated and focus on what really matters: its content!

Yes, you know the GOOD content that will set you apart and allow you to develop a beautiful community.

Today, Combin is still improving by offering statistical tools to better understand what is happening on your Insta account, better analyze your marketing actions and move up a gear!

The new version of the tool offers some new features (the possibility of managing up to 15 accounts simultaneously, having more results for your queries …) but the new feature that really caught my attention is the ” statistics “.

Why follow the statistics of your Instagram account?

I think you are no longer asking yourself this question, but you never know … Here are 3 good reasons to follow his statistics.

1: By following the statistics and putting them in parallel with your actions on Instagram, you will be able to see what works and what works a little worse for adapt your publications, your publication rate or your marketing actions (Instagram Ads or other).

2: Thanks to statistics, you will also be able to have the data in mind for adapt your long-term strategy and thus give more chances to your community to develop.

3: If you are CM in a large group, you know, you must justify your actions, thanks to statistical analyzes you can concretely demonstrate the benefit of your actions. Yes!

In short, as in any web marketing lever, data must be known and mastered to be effective.

A tool to help you

Combin, in addition to offering you the management of your Instagram account and the automation of certain actions to save you precious time, now offers you an “Instagram Statistics” module.

Note that the “statistics” part is available for users with a license, it is not available in the free version.

So what does it look like?

You have two main sections in the statistics section.

The first concerns the statistics specific to your account, the second those related to your community management activity with Combin.

instagram community management statistics

Statistics linked to his Instagram account

You will be able to follow:

  • The evolution of your number of subscribers;
  • Day by day changes: subscribers won, subscribers lost;
  • I like them on your posts day by day;
  • Same for the comments.

The first two reports will help you see the results of your actions in terms of subscribers, the last two to better track your engagement.

instagram community management statistics

instagram community management statistics

Each time, you can change the analysis period.

instagram community management statistics

Statistics related to its community management activity with Combin

instagram community management statistics

This part will help you to take a step back on your acquisition actions : followings, likes or even comments.

By putting it in parallel with your follower acquisition curve, you can better understand the impact of your actions. Note that you can either display all the data or only followings, likes, or comments. You configure as you wish.

Test Combin and boost your Instagram account

Do you want to boost your Instagram account? Go test Combin, the main features are offered for free, you can easily test the tool and if you are convinced the subscriptions start from € 12 per month which in terms of the time you will save on managing your account is really interesting!

Click here to test Combin for free

Article written in collaboration with Combin