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We bet you’re curious about what the logo industry will do next year! We have gathered a brief, but insightful overview of the most relevant logo trends that should reign in 2020. An exciting journey into the future is about to begin! Are you with us



Out of an ordinary trend, simplification has become an established philosophy. It is clear as the day that this artistic approach is there for a long time. A clean composition makes the logo more versatile and practical. As a result, a minimalist design remains perfectly legible on all kinds of environments, even the most difficult. Note how big brands gravitate towards minimalism, stripping down their designs of excessive words, lines and colors. It’s a sure sign that simplification is a # 1 logo design trend – and by a wide margin.

A new approach to geometry

Chances are you are fed up with rigid geometric shapes like squares and rectangles. Rejoice, because the year 2020 is about to relieve you! Designers will shift the focus from angular geometry to delicate circles, ovals, ellipses and other similar shapes. If you are passionate about mosaics, you are sure to love experiences inspired by the low poly style.

New typography

Each year it becomes more and more difficult to create attractive text logos. Fortunately, the typography offers a huge playground for experiences. While finding an unusual way to draw familiar letters and numbers takes a lot of imagination, the end result is worth it. Breathe new life into an “old school” font or invent your own typography solution from scratch. Either way, you are guaranteed to have an exciting creative journey!


The peculiarity of gradients is that they go very well with almost all trends. Our prediction is that the power of the gradients will soon begin to fade. However, in 2020, the gradients will be brighter than ever. Get ready to see fascinating neon hues on minimalist designs.

Cluttered composition

If you’re skeptical of rooms with lots of white space, you’re sure to love this next trend. Experts say the cluttered logos will be the hallmark of the 2020 design scene. The trick is that the abundance of elements conveys feelings of security and reliability. This is especially true for emblems based on geometry. If you want to build trust with your target audience, you know what to do!

Chaotic arrangement

The chaotic arrangement is another daring trend that rebels against conventional standards. If you want to showcase your company’s innovative personality, don’t hesitate to add a touch of chaos to your logo. Surprise your audience with unexpected graphic solutions! Avoid going too far, however, or you risk turning your design into an unreadable mess.


One of the best ways to get your customers’ attention to a specific part of your logo is to highlight it. In 2020, instead of saturated hues, try to use other techniques to distinguish the selected letter or graphic. For example, you can apply scaling, draw thicker lines, add shades, etc. Reflections are particularly good with text logos, making them more solid and visually stable.

Geometric letters

Modern designers are putting a lot of effort into reinventing text logos. What do you think of letters made up of geometric figures or their parts? This original technique has been gaining ground for some time. Prepare to see this trend reshape the logo design industry as it is expected to reach full scale in 2020. Our advice is to combine letters based on geometry with gradients and highlights.


Although the global design community is in the process of simplifying, the detailed emblems show no signs of receding. However, 2020 will also make adjustments to this persistent trend. Over the next year, the emblems will lose some of their complexity and sophistication to become more concise. This change aims to make the emblems more airy and, therefore, legible. If you’re looking for a way to show your brand’s appreciation for tradition, a neat emblem will not disappoint you in this regard.

Text destruction

The latest design technique on our list goes back to the trend of lost fragments. When you use text destruction, you intentionally leave your logo unfinished. To achieve the desired visual effect, you can use fade lines, semi-visible shapes, etc. Text destruction is a matter of clues and assumptions. When looking at an incomplete play, the viewer cannot help but recreate the missing parts in their mind. This great method works like a magnet, stimulating your audience’s imagination and making them remember your logo. In 2020, playing games with the public will become the next big thing!

It was our take on the biggest logo trends in the next 12 months. We hope our forecasts will guide you in creating a breathtaking logo for your brand!

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