▷ Top 10 types of infographics to make the buzz! 2020 -

Infographics, it slams, it is above all a simple and quick medium to read and share. Very popular and viral, the infographic that buzz often does so via social sharing with the advantage of content in flash reading appreciated on the social web. “An image is worth a thousand words …” This commonly accepted concept boosts important elements of virality without much effort: reading speed, transmitted emotions and innovative visual aspect. An infographic can save a complex article that would never have known celebrity on the web …

So here’s a selection of the best examples of infographics. You will find in this selection, infographics produced by the marketing agency 1min30, but also very interesting models that we have not yet implemented for our customers, but that we would be delighted to produce.

google loves me workshop banner

FYI, social networks and communication agencies in mind have launched this fashion which has been going on for some time and is often found among the popular “re-pins” on Pinterest, thus becoming the social network of choice for infographics of all kinds. Besides, we could not advise you better than using Pinterest to find many infographics!

1. Story-telling computer graphics

Nothing like a story to develop a practical case within an infographic. Storytelling is the ultimate weapon for computer graphics for all brands concerned with offering content in an innovative form. A visual that also adapts to printed formats to create vertical banners that attract all eyes, while remaining branded with a header and a footer in the colors of your brand.

adrexo psd multimedia modif sign (1) (1)

2. Infographic in figures

Often in the form of a succession of slides integrating images, figures and graphics in a defined register. Curves and pie charts, yes it’s sexy elsewhere than on Powerpoint! You just have to know how to stay innovative and logical in its graphic charter while articulating the computer graphics like a funnel descending towards more and more striking figures as you read.


3. Historical computer graphics

Following a chronological, but also visual, path, the infographic often summarizes the action and the ups and downs of a story in the form of sketches, all following a path that will guide the reader’s eyes towards each step. The key dates and moments are highlighted by visuals which improve the memorization of the content by visual memory. An excellent weapon for this visual memory!

History of social video

4. The step-by-step infographic

You want to follow steps to reach your goal! This infographic shows images of simple instructions for achieving a goal that at first glance is difficult to achieve … A simple recipe, cut into stages to make the inaccessible accessible and facilitate conversion with simple recipes.


5. Comparative infographic

“Think different” also works by opposing ideas or notions by their differences. All you need to know is that the comparative infographic remains simple and uses the support to visually compare different notions on the same plane and finally locate in a few moments the ins and outs of Cartesian thought. A thought system, which must be remembered, governs the world by thesis / antithesis / synthesis. A conclusion well put forward is often welcome!

Reunion Island Infographic

6. Map infographic

Imagined by computer trees, these logical plans are very simple to integrate and allow to create a useful mindmap to simplify often too complex concepts which would have much less success in the form of literary development or blog article.


7. Infographic on infographics

Because computer graphics is an area that has become so popular and complex that the design community has wanted to make it popular for itself by publishing dedicated infographics. We could even imagine the infographic on the infographics that explain the infographics, always more!

7-Superpowers-of-a-Knockout-Infographic-Socially-Sorted (1)

8. Minimalist computer graphics

Very viral, very simple, very short … Straddling the simple image and the complete computer graphics, this minimalist format allows you to express an idea in 2 or 3 condensed visuals, always humorous and somewhat far-fetched; the power of metaphor works there very well with the outrageous simplicity of minimalism.


9. GIFography and animated computer graphics in HTML5 / CSS3

A great potential in sight, the GIFs boost virality: an animation which brings relief and recreates a universe similar to that of the automata exposed in the windows during the holidays; all in an infographic. Computer graphics legitimately tend to replace PowerPoint presentations using the flexibility of GIF.

A great example here!

animated greeting card

10. The top 5,6,7… 15 infographic of what you absolutely need to know

We also thought of making a top infographic on infographics … This format being hardly visual it is rather advisable to make it a well constructed article and correctly prioritized in writing. Developing tops is much more useful with text content, without refraining from adding well-chosen images, for SEO reasons. Also because the image knows its limits where clarification is sometimes necessary.


11. Custom infographics

Of course, the best infographic will be the one created specifically for you. If you are interested, do not hesitate to download our infographic creation proposal. We will do everything to get you into the next Top10 😉