Your current or developing site uses WordPress and you want to know what is currently best in terms of plugins for SEO. SEO and WordPress user since 2007, I offer you an overview of SEO plugins that hit or deserve to be known …

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Beforehand (for novices or as a reminder for others)

A plugin is an additional module of WordPress which comes to give it an additional function. Applied to referencing, they mainly bring new technical functionalities.

How was this ranking established?

The benefit of this article for you is twofold: to give you an opinion on the most popular SEO modules, and to give you installation ideas for needs not expressed or unresolved until now. Discover this thematic classification without delay.

Notes on this list

I focused here on free plugins. Paid plugins provide even more advanced and effective answers to your needs.

Who is this article for?

This article should be bookmarked for those who:

  • Want to have a plugin on hand to install or;
  • Want to review the relevance of their choice of plugins.

List of SEO plugins for WordPress

Multi-function plugins

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is the most downloaded SEO plugin. Rightly so: it’s a real Swiss army knife of SEO which allows you to do without many specific plugins. Its interface has evolved recently.

Its functions:

  • Individual or bulk management of Head, canonical tags, etc;
  • Real-time audit of technical and lexical SEO, page by page, according to a keyword, with provision of recommendations;
  • Generation of the sitemap.xml file and sitemaps by content type;
  • Railway insertion (semi-direct) (also called breadcrumb);
  • Management of robots.txt and .htaccess files, practical for touching these files by hand, without going through FTP;
  • Functions for managing previews on social networks;
  • Allows you to improve your Rss feed with suffixes or prefixes.

Personal opinion : this is the one I use the most. Once you get used to its interface, you can’t get away from it 🙂

All in One SEO Pack

Comparable to Yoast SEO. It does not offer page analysis, railroad, Rss feed suffixes or image sitemaps, for example.

Personal opinion : I used this one before Yoast. For a first SEO plugin, however, it may seem easier to handle.

SEO Ultimate

Personal opinion : I use it on a few projects and I find it even more complete than Yoast.

Its pluses:

  • 404 error monitoring to track broken links in real time;
  • A “Code insert” function to inject Html code into any area of ​​your site, for example: an Analytics widget or tag;
  • “Deeplink Juggernaut” is THE killer function. It allows you to manage your mesh of internal or external links automatically. With a few clicks and adding a few filters, you insert a powerful link mesh.

Platinum SEO

Former flagship plugin, this plugin has not been up to date for more than two years. You can find it mentioned here and there.

It offered essential services such as the management of meta head tags, index & follow, canonical urls and a 301 redirect management service.

Jetpack by

Jetpack is not dedicated to SEO, but all of its features make it possible to improve the ergonomics and the loading time of the site. This plugin includes in particular real-time statistical monitoring, a contact form service, relays on social networks, an email subscription service to comments, a ping service for rapid indexing of published content, a service for cache etc.

SEO By Squirrly

This plugin offers weekly or real-time audits of your site, a keyword research tool. It can help you in particular when writing your content with regard to keyword density or overall optimization of the article. It also includes a position reporting tool.

Personal opinion : I have never studied it in depth. This English-speaking tool can present biased information, in particular concerning the density of keywords or on the generator of keyword suggestions (French stop words not taken into account).

Technical Referencing Plugins

WP Super Cache

Here is a powerful cache system allowing you to reduce the loading time of your site. Check its impact via Google’s Webmaster Tools in particular. Indispensable if you want to progress in your positions, especially on research via a mobile.

Personal opinion : beware of conflicts with certain dynamic plugins.

WP Rocket

French cache management module. € 29 for a site, multi-site licenses possible.

Personal opinion : it brings a real saving on the loading time and happens to be easy to set up.

Use Google Libraries

The goal here is to improve the loading time. The explanation is technical, unless I am mistaken: use of the Google API in Ajax rather than that offered by WordPress in native.

Personal opinion : not yet tried, but I have only had positive feedback.

GD Star Rating

Useful for setting up a star rating system for your users, which will appear in Google’s results pages.

Personal opinion : important to increase the CTR (clickthrough rate) in the results pages.

Advanced Custom Fields

For those who want to be tailor-made. Reserved for those who have a minimum of technical knowledge or a strong desire for personalization. Example of use

Personal opinion : cool and endless uses are possible in SEO. It’s up to you to think about it :).

Google XML Sitemap

Plugin dedicated to the real-time generation of the sitemap.xml file, necessary to indicate to Google the structure of your site and to cause the indexing of the pages it identifies.

Personal opinion : use if you are not using multi-tasking SEO plugins.

Text referencing plugins

Advanced Page Manager: to view, sort and create pages when a site has a large volume of pages.

Bulkpress: In the same spirit as the previous one, but for all media: articles, pages, categories, etc.

Personal opinion : it gives me complete satisfaction.

Organize Serie: for those with a news blog. It allows you to build news files.

Inject Plugin: for more technical profiles, it allows you to inject (in fact reuse) automatic online content on your WP to complete or create content. The possibilities are endless: list of articles, menus, author box, etc.

Personal opinion : Discovered recently, it seems to open up new possibilities for dynamically lengthening your content with little effort. Relevant for SEO and UX.

Netlinking plugin

Breadcrumb NavXT

If you are not using the code provided by Yoast, here is a plugin to insert a railroad (also called breadcrumb) nice and optimized for SEO for your site.

Personal opinion : here too, it highlights the railway in Google’s SERPs. Best CTR insured.


Although WordPress manages redirects by default following a change of article or category names, other cases are not supported.

Personal opinion : practical plugin for those who do not want to tamper with the .htaccess code. Again, watch out for possible conflicts between plugins.


It offers a better presentation of deep links for the internet user and robots. In other words, it facilitates navigation replacing “< Anciens articles – Articles suivants >”.

Personal opinion : plan to add a bit of code to your theme.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

It allows you to display a blog at the bottom of an article such as “These articles may also interest you”.

Appreciable for the internet user but also for SEO, it allows cross-linking with articles on similar or related subjects. Suggestions can be displayed as a simple list or more sympathetically with images.

Personal opinion : this plugin gives your site an even more professional image and actually lowers the bounce rate. It is based on its own list of internal articles that it crawls. Do not hesitate to update it regularly and check its relevance.

Broken Link Checker

Tracking dead links is tedious. To save time or avoid delegating this boring task to your trainee, this plugin does the verification work in real time. He may send you a synthetic email from time to time.

Personal opinion : to be used in combination with the Redirection plugin.

WP Summary

Little known, it allows you to insert a summary at the top of the article. Ideal for articles with important content, it brings a plus for the Internet user. It is based on the H2, H3 .. inserted in the contents.

Personal opinion : an additional plus for the CTR in the SERPs.

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

Plugin abandoned for 2 years, it allows you to add to the continuation of your articles the keywords generating visits to this page, thus reinforcing its keyword density via long tail expressions.

Personal opinion : the “fully automatic” has its limits. Use sparingly, not to say not recommended if the insertions are not in line with your expectations.

Content Siloing plugins

Content Siloing is on the rise. As a reminder, this is an intelligent structure for prioritizing the pages of a site around its main theme.

Concretely, links are placed manually and moderately from specific anchors to internal pages declining this theme. In summary, this is the opposite of automatic netlinking.

For high volume sites such as dynamic sites or e-commerce sites, this approach can be facilitated by suitable plugins. For pluginovores, know that there is this English-speaking extension that I have not had the opportunity to test: To explore the subject and put it in place, I suggest this English-speaking article on siloing or reading L. Bourrelly’s blog (see this feedback). With this in mind, I do not recommend automatic SEO optimization plugins.

Plugin followed by referencing

Google Analytics for WordPress

Developed by the creator of the Yoast plugin (by the way, I have no actions at his place), this plugin allows the implementation of the Analytics tag of your choice (asynchronous or not) and to have the GA visit curve from the WordPress dashboard.

Personal opinion : there is a host of similar tools. If you want to add the Analytics tag in a simple way, directly edit the footer.php file or the options of your theme. This will avoid weighing down your WordPress.

WP SlimStat

An alternative to Google Analytics for those who want to avoid the tracking of the Californian giant. Simple and effective plugin.

Personal opinion : avoid installing both plugins at the same time. Not only will you make your site heavier, but you will also get different stats due to the different calculation methods.

Position reporting plugins

Among them, I could cite SEO Rank Reporter, WP Rank Tracker (paid) or Rankie (paid).

Personal opinion: for this task, I use external tools like Myposeo rather than WP plugins.

SEO project management plugin

To manage your SEO project (s), why not use WP plugins?

Here are some popular plugins: WP Project Manager but also WP Project Manager Pro, more funkie, 59 dollars.

This approach can also be envisaged via external GDP tools such as Trello or BaseCamp.


I do not claim to have written the perfect list, but modestly a list of effective plugins, simple to set up and free. If you can afford it, feel free to use paid plugins to support developers.

For those who want to go even further, here is an even more complete list, updated to June 2015.

Finally, do not forget to work for your SEO your backlinks, in quantity and especially in quality.

For further

SEO is one of the concerns of any good webmaster. Do not hesitate to consult lists of plugins concerning the security of your site, its monetization but also its visibility via social networks.