▷ Top 6 fatal mistakes to avoid in website design 2020 -

You can learn from your mistakes, but avoiding them is much better. So let’s dive into some of the most common and damaging mistakes to avoid when building your blog…

1. Don’t plan, it’s already moaning

Building a blog is like building any type of business. From the very first moment when everything was just an idea to your millionth customer, planning has to be continuously rethought and shaped as you go. If you are looking for your target market, your ideal customer, industry trends and competition, your main competitors, your growth potential, converting traffic to sales, etc. you will need to constantly plan for changes, growth and setbacks.

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Planning content strategies and campaign planning are two of the most important plans for a blog. To create quality content on a consistent basis, you need to allow your blog to become an authority in your industry. Building strong content day after day is great, it helps to be consistent.

2. Try to write for everyone

This is what we call the shotgun approach. This may initially bother some marketers who think their product is for every man, woman and child. Even though it’s the biggest brand in the world, after all, even some people don’t like Coca-Cola. Your marketing needs to be targeted to specific target audiences every time in order to really resonate.

I would prefer that a few people are in love with my content or my offer than having dozens of people who feel a little connected, but who do not want to take the plunge. Having a lot of traffic around the world doesn’t matter unless people are ready to convert or click the button, comment or share, take out the credit card and get in. Conversely, all your efforts to try to appease everyone are ultimately doomed to failure.

To create superior content, there are content marketing tools and strategies to help you find and share, write to yourself, or write for yourself.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have catchy content throughout your blog.

3. You only focus on your product and service

What sets you apart from the rest? What makes you unique? At the end of the day, either your client wants to read your book, buy your clothes, or understand a certain tool, but their goal is much greater. They want to be more informed. What else can you provide besides your product or service?

You have to offer added value beyond your product or service. This will ensure that your personality and perspective are unique, which will allow you to continue to be an authority and support for many people for years to come.

4. Your call to action is not clear

You have done a good job of gathering traffic across all areas of your blog, but what is the next step for your new visitors? What should they do now? Where is the progression from their initial interest to the added value you provide? How can you communicate the need for this progression and allow your user to travel there? This is where you call for clear and decisive action. What is the next step, why do I need it and how do I get there? You have to be intentional.

5. Your services are not responding to their problem

Obviously this may seem simple, but too often I see titles that do not meet the search query. Rather, they simply state the name of their product or service and hope you know what they mean. You must be the solution. Think about it. If I ask Google “Where’s the best cup of coffee?” “, And you reply with a title” Our coffee cups are the best in the world! “, Your title did not answer their question. They are not looking for a cup of coffee and they will not click on your link. Or if you answer their question with the name of your coffee store, which sells good coffee, they won’t be able to go to your cafe for their wanted drink.

Answering common questions with your headline is a great way to be sure you are relevant and get tons of traffic to your blog.

6. You use poor quality photos

Image is one of the best ways to capture and capture the attention of users. Think about it. As a child, do you remember opening your books on the first day of school and flipping through the pages to see all of these great photos? Or when you had to read 30 pages, were you excited about the pages that contained huge, clear, quality images? I know I did it! It meant I had to read less!

Using quality photos to better illustrate your products and services will resonate more deeply with your audience. They will appreciate the clean and professional finish of your images. Make sure you have high quality photos that are either your own work or have the appropriate copyright assignments.

By knowing these 6 common mistakes from website / blog builders, you’ll be better equipped to stay ahead of your competition.


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