Tolstoy changed titles many times before choosing War and Peace. So, after all, why skip the course of your acquisition strategy without trying to go back on it? It may have been 2 or 3 years that your strategy has been in place, without you really questioning it. Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, display, emailing, etc. : the routine of an inventory applied for a long time, in the expectation of an almost certain and sometimes miraculous result

If you don’t put things right, from the first days of September, there is a good chance that your coming year will strongly resemble the previous ones.

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Here are some ingredients (which will cost you nothing for the most part) to start off on an excellent basis:

Hear the noise of the web

Whether you are a naturopath, lawyer, hotel manager or digital manager of a major brand, there are rumors about you or your business on the Internet. All this noise does not necessarily circulate on your site, but everywhere. This can be on social networks, forums, competing sites, etc. Be aware that Internet users learn about you before signing up.

It may seem obvious to maintain more than 4 stars on Google. But caught in daily life, we quickly pass a nauseous comment and often a competitor benefit from better visibility on third-party sites, including, Quora, Glassdoor, Wikipedia or Getapp for B2B sites.

So start by looking at all the search results on your name or brand, then on your name or brand, accompanied by the words “opinions” or “comments”. Notice what jumps out in the eyes of the user: notes, comments, mentions on forums, etc. Keep in mind the impression that a user could keep from you with this simple parenthesis of a few seconds.

With each comment, in which you can be mentioned positively or negatively, I invite you to speak, either to thank the person, or to provide elements of response in the face of criticism.

Obviously, the lack of information about you is also confusing. If you have no comments or leave the first page of Google on your brand, take the time right now to ask some of your best customers to speak well of you.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects

Also, think about what people are likely to type to find you. Go to Google and look at the search results on queries related to your business. Forget your own brand and watch the sites go up. If they are your competitors, see what they do best, if they are forums, mark your presence, if they are media sites, ask them for an article, s ‘these are affiliates, contact them. Create contact points if they don’t exist, and put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers! All these very well referenced sites can easily become a source of traffic. Also consider soliciting bloggers to write content about you. Their weight in terms of SEO could quickly constitute a decisive bet and therefore a future source of traffic.

I keep repeating this to my customers: on search engines, Internet users show their intention. Therefore, there is no better tool than Adwords to quickly (at least faster than SEO) have certain answers to your questions. Of course, spending on Adwords is not necessarily profitable or relevant to your business. On the other hand, this allows you at least to have qualified traffic on topics related to your activity.

If, for example, you manage an exchange platform for philatelists, even if buying keywords would not be profitable for you, you could at least analyze, on a limited budget, the behavior of visitors who have typed ” purchase collection stamps ”or“ philatelist meeting ”. This “qualified” traffic deserves to be dissected and analyzed methodically in order to obtain the answers which are sometimes annoying. If these visitors do not spend more than 3 seconds on your site, you may make all the efforts in the world in display or social networks, you may have the same results and meet the same disappointments.

Observe the points of contact with your prospects

In marketing in general, all the interactions that prospects and then customers will have with your brand will be decisive in the perception they have of you. In traffic acquisition, the first point of contact is very fundamental! However, for you, it is only a question of touching one Internet surfer among others, through a campaign carried out on a large scale. This point of contact is an opportunity to make an impression, but above all not to be an ordinary brand like the others. In other words, you can GET OUT OF THE LOT! Why do you remember certain visuals on Facebook? Why did some Google ads catch your eye, causing you to click?

Whatever your media, do not start with the same visuals or the same announcements as last year. Take half a day or more to reflect on it, possibly ask a graphic designer for the creation. This time spent will allow you to have new supports which, failing to guarantee your success, will delight you and give you renewed hope. And then, if at the same time, you double your clickthrough rate, then you will have won and will benefit from it all year long! Ditto for the template of your newsletter.

Analyze what works (or what doesn’t)

The notion of click-through rate brings you back to the good memories of your marketing campaigns: you spend several hundred, even thousands of euros per month on Adwords or Facebook, but you are not sure what works best for you. Again, there is no such thing as fatality. Nothing is set in stone for the coming year. Obviously, you can first conduct an audit of each of these channels to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Revise your campaigns, resume all parameters, check the tracking of your conversions, the chosen audiences, etc. might offer you some very valuable fixes. Keep in mind that this improvement work is then often in place throughout the year and that this will have a significant impact on your traffic.

The transition is therefore very easy to understand that an acquisition strategy is often only a question of conversion rates, which we seek to maximize. Identify friction in the path of your internet users! Spend time on Google Analytics or another tool to analyze the behavior of visitors on mobile / desktop, tracking your conversions, the sequence of your page views, the bounce rate on your landing pages, etc. You must have, on your site, a goal to offer to your Internet users. Your mission is to make sure they reach it. The analysis time that you will spend will be a saving on your marketing budget thanks to a greater efficiency of your campaigns. You will also earn money by focusing your efforts where the impact is greatest.

The key to a successful digital strategy lies in the ability to set up pull-ups, the effects of which will be felt permanently. See this back-to-school time as an investment. For example, working your ads on Adwords might look like buying a new, more powerful computer. On a day, it will only be a few minutes gained, but on a year, the time savings will be calculated in days and you will not fail to rejoice in this purchase.