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Aaaah. Traffic. Such an important part of blogging. And yet, so misunderstood. What is true: how many articles have you read on the subject? 5? 10? 50 maybe? And in the end, what is the result? Do you have the traffic and readers you want? No. And it’s disappointing. Today, I would like to change that. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a powerful traffic technique

Yes, only one.

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I don’t want to give you lots of traffic techniques of all kinds that you will not remember, and will not apply.

Instead, I prefer to talk to you about the basic traffic technique which allowed me to get 629 readers and 120 subscribed to my mailing-list, in just one week …

And show you how YOU can apply it on YOUR own blog.

Does that tell you?

So let’s go…

Note : Before I start, I just wanted to tell you that there is a gift at the end of this article for you. This is a free guide that will help you set up the technique that I will reveal in this article, so that you get great results. Read well until the end …

The technique that allowed me to attract 629 readers and 120 subscribers in one week

This technique is to be applied to blog posts, and you will see that it is powerful. In fact, this is the kind of technique that can make the difference between a wave and a torrent of traffic that will hit your site.

That’s what happened to me anyway.


This is an article I published a few months ago on my blog.

As you can see on the left framed in red, he got 62 shares. Naturally, the results in terms of traffic are not incredible.

This article allowed me to attract 670 readers in a month

The number of readers I attracted in a month with my article.

And barely 34 registered, over a month too.

The screenshot of my Aweber account one day after the publication of my article: only 6 registered.

As you can see, these results are not crazy…

But this is not at all the case of the second article which I will tell you about.

This article is called “The 7 Fatal Mistakes That Prevent Your Blog From Taking Off And Getting Traffic”, and it was the very first article published on my blog.

On this article, I precisely used the traffic technique (which I will reveal to you in a little moment). And you will see that the results are much better…

We can already see that I got 251 shares on it:

But when you dig a little deeper and look at the traffic figures, the difference is obvious …

On this article where I used the traffic technique, I attracted more than 600 readers … and in just one week! (as I remind you, it was the very first article posted on my blog).

The number of readers I have attracted in a week with this article.

And in the end, this week, I was able to convert around 20% of these readers to my mailing list, and get 120 subscribers. And again, just for the first week!

The screenshot of my Aweber account one day after the publication of my article: already 42 registered.

After that, I no longer followed the evolution of my traffic and my mailing-list. But it does not matter. It does not matter.

What is important is to see the size difference between the two articles, when the traffic technique is applied, or when it is not.

And we can see it when we see the results side by side…

Number of readers attracted to the two articles:

  • 670 readers in one month WITHOUT application of the technique;
  • 629 readers In a week WITH application of the technique (when it was my very first published article).

Number of registrants attracted thanks to the two articles:

  • 34 registrants in one month WITHOUT application of the technique;
  • 120 registered in a week WITH application of the technique.

So… you want to know this technique? To apply it on your own blog, and increase your traffic?

Very well, I will give it to you (this and your gift at the end of the article which will really help you to put this technique in place) …

The famous traffic technique that will boost your traffic

Because as I told you at the beginning of this article, I’m not here to give you an abstract course on traffic by telling you to “Post good content,” or that kind of crap.

I’m here to show you a precise technique, which will allow you to achieve concrete results.

So here it is. The famous traffic technique that I have been talking about for a while ago is as follows:

It’s asking the big bloggers on your topic to share your article.

Yes, that’s all stupid. But it works.

Don’t be disappointed that it is that simple: on the contrary, it’s good. At least you can easily apply it to your blog, and to your articles. And then, I will tell you one thing: often, the things that work best are the simplest.

The thing is, 99% of bloggers don’t understand how traffic works.

Yes, posting articles on your site will get you traffic.

But it’s not THAT that’s going to get you traffic. What will trigger this traffic effect, and which will bring you new readers, is promotion. It’s telling the world that your article exists.

And one of the best ways to promote your articles is to ask the big bloggers on your topic to SHARE YOUR ARTICLE.

This is the traffic technique that I used on the very first article on my blog.

And that’s what made the difference between collecting 34 registrants in one month (shabby) and harvesting 120 registrants in just one week (great).

This traffic technique is simple to use, and works like a god fire. All you have to do is send a dozen / twenty emails to influential bloggers on your topic, asking them to share your new article … and voila.

Well, afterwards, I admit: it’s quite tedious to do.

But hold on: I’ll give you the exact script to send to bloggers on your topic (this is the one I personally envy to promote my articles). Like that, you just have to copy and paste, and replace what is in parentheses. …

Here is the script:


Title: You may be interested

Hey (blogger name),

Since I know you like to write about (subject of your article), I thought you might be interested to know that I published my last article on the same subject 🙂

This is a complete article, which really helps readers of our topic to (main benefit of your article).

As I think you might be interested, I put the article link right here: (link to your article).

In any case, continue like that with (name of the site held by the blogger you are contacting). I love what you do, and I loved your last article (title of one of the last blogger articles you enjoyed). Your work is really of quality!

A +,


P.S: If you ever think that my article can help or bring value to your readers, don’t hesitate to share it. It would make me super happy 🙂


And There you go ! You have the email template, so no more excuses not to use it to increase your traffic now!

The little extra thing that will make your article sure to be shared

I’m not going to lie to you: the email works very well, but I cannot assure you 100% that your article will be shared by the blogger in question that you contact.

Honestly, in 9 out of 10 cases, your article will be shared. But if I told you that it would be 100% certainty, that would amount to lying to you.

On the other hand, there is a little trick that you can add in your email when you contact a big blogger, and it is a little trick that will make all the difference, so that your article is shared for sure.

This little trick is this: you tell the blogger that you quoted it in your article.

It’s very simple, and it works from the fire of God. All you have to do is:

  1. Remember to quote one of the bloggers on your topic and to link to one of its content when you write your article and that it is suitable;
  2. Inform him that you quoted him by sending him a small email.

I practiced this “technique” a lot when launching my Blogging Enchanteur site, which allowed me to get my blog known quickly, and to attract readers from the opening of my blog. As I did here with Sophie from the Contentologue blog:

This email dates from 2016 (I told you that I did this when I launched my site). But even today, I still use this technique! I just did it this morning to promote my new comprehensive guide: Increase Your Traffic Thanks to Guest Articles: The Ultimate Guide

Look :

You see that the email is a little more relaxed than the previous one. This is because I have linked a relationship with Rudy (from the Consulting Marketing website), and I can afford to ask him to share it today.

Which gives me great visibility and many new readers with almost 40,000 Twitter followers.

It’s up to you

Now it’s up to YOU ​​to apply this technique. You have the exact script to send to the big bloggers on your topic, and you know the little extra thing that makes your article sure to be shared.

Then, for this promotion technique to work really well, you need two prerequisites:

  1. Your article must be of high quality (or if not, no one will share it);
  2. You must have linked with the bloggers you contact (to make sharing your article easier).

So how do you do it?

This is where my gift comes in …

My gift just for you

So that you can really apply this technique properly (and that you can multiply your traffic) I will offer you a small gift.

This gift is actually a pack which contains:

  • A mini-guide that teaches you in a very concrete way how to link a relationship with the big bloggers of your topictick in 3 steps (and how to find these big bloggers if you don’t know them yet);
  • And my guide “10 Secrets For Articles Read, Shared And Commented”, to allow you to create quality content, which will be shared by the influencers you contact.

To download this bonus pack, click here.

It’s completely free.

I find you on the other side,