The profession of trainer is popular, more and more consultants or specialists in a given field wish to develop their activity by transmitting their knowledge via a training offer. This may be your case. But this cannot be improvised, launching a training offer and becoming a trainer requires training! Here are 8 good reasons to follow a trainer training...


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The profession of trainer

The activity of training organization has 4 main aspects
that you must master:

  1. Commercial to guide prospects
    towards the most suitable training;
  2. Administrative to support
    trainees in their funding approaches for their training;
  3. Creation of various training materials and training engineering;
  4. Training animation by being a
    teacher trainer and by best transmitting knowledge and skills
    to bring the trainees toward the training goal.

The training professions are multiple and according to the
size of the training organization you will have to manage an aspect, thanks to a
teamwork, or the whole.

If you are self-employed, chances are that
are you on all fronts? which needs to be particularly
efficient to optimize its activity.

If you want more information on the profession of trainer itself, I invite you to read my previous article “Becoming an independent trainer: a great way to develop your activity”.

To save time in launching your activity
or optimize an activity already in place it is recommended to follow a
trainer training.

Why ? Here are 8 good reasons!

8 good reasons to follow a trainer’s training

1: Go from consultant to consultant-trainer status

You are a consultant, you have real legitimacy in
your domain, it is therefore entirely relevant to want to transmit your
skills via a training offer. We tend to think that by being
expert in his field it will be easy to do training.

It’s wrong !

Being a good trainer requires specific qualities.
Some experts have rich professional experience and a high level
in their field but are unable to put themselves at the level of trainees and
to use good teaching techniques to transmit.

It is necessary for consultants to develop
new skills.

Among them, create effective training materials, imagine
a training path that meets the learners’ objectives, adapt its
learning methods in adult education, get to know
fingers the financing devices to support its customers …

The job of trainer is rich and pushes you
train continuously to stay competitive!

Speaking of status, know that the training activity
can be set up whatever the status of your company (portage
salary, micro-entrepreneur, sarl, sasu…).

2: Improve its training offer and better calibrate its

Whether you are an occasional or regular trainer, follow a
training of trainers will help you improve your offer and build better
your training actions.

Whether this is your training program, the
training, the prerequisites for following the program, the educational objectives, the
supports or exercises and practical cases, all these elements of the action
adult education needs to be carefully thought out.

With the right methods, you will go faster and more
far !

You will be able to organize training sessions, whether face-to-face, distance, digital learning, webinar or even blended.

Likewise, make your training certifying (from setting up the skills reference system to obtaining the holy grail CPF code), optimizing the content, the educational scenario, the prices of your training to improve the acceptance rate of intake files. task, enrolling in a quality approach or knowing on the fingertips the multiple possibilities of funding training for learners will allow you to have a real development strategy in the long term for your training organization.

Finally, you will have to think about directing your offer towards
intra-company, inter-company or a mix of both. Analysis of
training needs will help you see more clearly.

3: Save time by being more efficient on the administrative aspect

If there is an activity where the administrative aspect can
being time consuming is the training activity. If you want
develop your business and succeed, it will be essential to master this

Already, the regulations impose on organizations a long list
like the bond arm. To have a square activity, it is essential
to set up processes, not only to forget nothing, but also
don’t waste too much time on this part.

Mandatory documents and their associated legal notices (signing, training contract, training agreement, training certificate … and so on), Datadock, referencing at Pôle Emploi, quality approach … To start, you can already help yourself with our article “Create your training organization”.

Likewise for your interns to get their funding,
you must support them in their efforts and be comfortable with the many
possibilities according to their profiles.

A job seeker, an employee of a large company, a
entrepreneur or an employee of a small SME will not have the same steps.

And in 70% of cases, people will not have a real knowledge of the financing possibilities available to them. You will have to be there to guide them! For job seekers, for example, your organization should be listed on Kairos.

It is therefore necessary to train to know the
different cases.

4: Master the teaching techniques

Learning in adults is very different from learning in children, and we talk about andragogy when we talk about adult education. So you shouldn’t copy what you saw in school to set up your training programs?

Organize the course and sequences of his training (Nb:
to optimize depending on the type of distance or face-to-face training
) and
having a kit of teaching tools and teaching methods will be essential
in your success.

These techniques must, moreover, be adapted according to
learner profiles. A real challenge.

To help you on this subject, you can find our article on training facilitation techniques which will allow you to see more clearly.

5: Develop your trainer qualities

Pedagogy will be one of the key qualities for success
in activity.

But that will not be all!

Listening, adaptation to different levels, the patient,
availability, group management, positive discipline, mastery of
his verbal and non-verbal communication or the optimization of the postures of the
Trainer and his gestures will also be recommended qualities.

But all this works happily!

Discuss with other trainers by joining a group of
trainers or even training as a trainer helps you develop your
role of trainer and your training devices!

6: Better manage groups of learners

The management of the group of learners is also an element to
control. You have to juggle the different levels and personalities present
in the group !

Difficult personalities should be managed with tact
and kindness! Similarly, apart from personalities, situations
difficult will also have to be mastered.

Experience will help you over time to be more
effective in group facilitation.

If you are just starting out, start with a training session in
small group (max 5 people) before leading training with groups
more imposing! Do you have teeth?

7: Establish a real quality approach

The reform of vocational training requires
training organizations an increasingly high quality approach.

After Datadock a few years ago, by 2021, new, even more demanding devices will appear with the aim of increasing professionalization in the profession of trainer!

It is essential to prepare for this by setting up a real
quality approach
to make sure your organization meets all the requirements!

Your learners’ satisfaction ratings should
also be implemented in a process of continuous improvement.

You can also opt for quality certifications recognized by CNEFOP.

Having a regular training watch is
essential to adapt and stay in the race. Trainer training you
allows you to be up to date at this level and to have a summary of the latest
information and regulations!

8: Having the keys to develop your training activity

Last advantage of trainer training, they
generally allow you to have all the keys to develop
serenely your activity.

From the creation of your training organization to
improvement of your pedagogical engineering through optimization
of your commercial and marketing processes.

Convinced? You wish to become a professional trainer, discover our trainer training by clicking here!