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Bloggers have become a real promotional lever for brands. Thanks to their recommendations, your notoriety and your business can develop considerably. It is still necessary to have the knowledge to identify, negotiate and brief these influencers! This is what our training “Communicate with bloggers” offers you in Paris on December 1, 2016 …

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Training to learn how to communicate with bloggers

The objective of this one-day training is to understand the value of a brand in being in close contact with web influencers.

But also, to identify them, exchange with them and organize a campaign of sponsored articles or an ambassador program that will optimize the visibility of your brand.

This training will allow you to:

  1. Understanding the blogosphere;
  2. Know how to identify influencers;
  3. Lead an influence campaign on blogs.

A consultant will be present to answer your various problems and will animate the module by proposing various practical cases to illustrate his remarks and allow you to put yourself in a real situation.

To know the details of the program I invite you to download the PDF and to contact us to register or for any questions concerning the program.

Places are limited, so don’t delay in contacting us.

Training can be covered as part of a training plan (CPF, CIF, etc.). Ask your training department or your OPCA to find out about your training rights.

Testimony of Anita Claux, Community Manager, Welldom

anita claux testimony training communicate bloggerI took the course “Communicating with bloggers”, it is a complete training, with examples and implementation documents. There is a good balance between practice and theory. I have 2 events planned in the coming weeks that will allow us to put the training into practice and to solicit our first bloggers. I will give 8/10 to the training and recommend it!

Training day program

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Training plan

1. Introduction
– Who are the bloggers today and what is their influence on Internet users?

2. Why communicate on blogs?
– Create relationships
– Get recommendations
– Increase visibility and traffic

3. How to communicate on blogs?
– The different ways of communicating with bloggers: Dedicated press relations, events, testing of products or services, sponsored tickets.
– Adapt your message for blogs
– What can we ask bloggers?
– What rewards to offer?
Case study 1: Analysis of existing campaigns

4. The course of an operation with bloggers
– Prepare a brief
– Do you have to go through a sales agency to run a campaign with bloggers?
– Identify influencers and qualify blogs (overview of online tools to assess the influence of a blog)
– Contact the bloggers
– Lead exchanges throughout the campaign
– Measure the impact of the operation
Case study 2: create a campaign brief for bloggers
Case study 3: Make a selection and qualify the blogs
Knowledge assessment in the form of a quiz

Download the training program

Additional Info

Date: December 1, 2016.

Location : Paris center.

Rate : € 700. Reduced rates are granted to entrepreneurs, job seekers and students (-25%), do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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