▷ Training course “Create and manage a Linkedin page” November 10, 2016 (Paris) 2020 -

Do you want to boost your communication on Linkedin and better master this social network with many opportunities? Join our half-day training on November 10, 2016 at the Marketing Space in the heart of Paris …

Both to promote an activity and to develop their career, Linkedin presents tremendous business opportunities thanks to its 396 million members.

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Training “Create and manage a Linkedin page”

Whether for personal or business, professional social networks require compliance with good practices to be truly effective. During this half day of training, we will see together how:

  1. Invest Linkedin on a personal basis;
  2. Organize the presence of his company and his team on the network;
  3. Prospect and develop its turnover.

The training takes place in three main parts, we will see how to succeed on a personal basis by creating an effective profile, developing your network and identifying and appropriately approaching influencers in your industry !

In a second part, we will focus on seeing how to organize the presence of your brand both via business pages and professional groups. We will discuss the different stages of the project from the creation of a creative concept to the implementation of this concept. We will also see how to approach these social networks from a human resources point of view.

Finally, the last part will show you how to launch effective advertising campaigns.

At the end of this half-day, you will know everything you need to know to succeed on Linkedin!

I let you discover the full program below and if the training interests you, leave us your contact details using the form below to be contacted. Like all of our training courses, the “Create and manage a Linkedin page” training course is compatible with support systems (Pole Emploi or OPCA).

Also note that we offer specific rates for entrepreneurs and job seekers (-25%). Find all the detailed information below!

Training program

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1. Introduction
– What is a Professional Social Network? What are the main RSPs?

2. How to use RSPs personally
– Create a profile and be seen: zoom on the uses and functions of Viadeo and LinkedIn
– Develop your network (find the right contacts, participate in groups)
– Identify influencers and interact with them
– Become an influencer yourself (distribute content, participate in discussions, launch and lead a group)
Case study 1: Developing your network

3. Organize the presence of his company on the RSP
– Find a creative concept
– Monitor the company’s reputation
– Create a business page and bring it to life
– Sensitize the employees of a company to good practices
– Post your job offers
– Prospect via social networks / find partners
Case study 2: Create a professional group

4. Being an advertiser on the RSP
– Existing advertising formats

Knowledge assessment in the form of a quiz

Download the training program

concerned public

Beginners / Intermediaries. Business executive, Company manager, Communication manager, HR manager.

Additional Info

Date: November 10, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Location: Paris center.

Price: 400 €. Reduced rates are granted to entrepreneurs and job seekers (25%) do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Alexandre Bouché, executive assistant, Paris Appartements Services

Alexandre Bouché We took part in the first session of a day in training on developing a social media strategy, then in the second half-day session in training on professional social networks.

Our two trainers, Sylvain and Ambre were friendly and attentive to our questions. In addition, they really added value to the content by adding their own experience and comments.

The training really made us want to get started on social networks, whether professional or personal!

Concretely, within the framework of our company, we intend to create or update our pages on most of the social networks which have been presented to us and now understand better how to make them live.

I would rate the training 9 out of 10. If not, I would definitely recommend it for its form and content!

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