▷ Training Fundamentals of Natural Referencing: March 16-17, 2017 (Paris) 2020 -

Our training on SEO on Google and other search engines returns for a new edition. See you March 16 and 17, 2017 to learn all about natural referencing and get your site audience off the ground! The training is, as usual, eligible for support (Personal Training Account / OPCA). Places are very limited, do not hesitate to book your training now …

Training “The Fundamentals of natural referencing”

The objective of this 2-day SEO training is to understand the operation of natural referencing, master the different stages of an SEO project, know the tools to use and of course monitor the results.

We wanted this very practical training and accessible to beginners and intermediates. You will learn in particular how to carry out a semantic audit and choose the appropriate keywords for its referencing, what are the key factors of technical optimization (taking into account of course the latest updates from Google and its colleagues), how set up a quality editorial strategy in order to work on its visibility in the engines and many other techniques and tools to succeed in your SEO too.

I invite you to consult the complete training program below and to us contact for more information and / or book your training using the form at the end of this page.

I will run this training myself. With 12 years of experience in SEO, I will be able to give you good practices and share with you the techniques that make the difference.

Training can be covered as part of a training plan. Ask your training department or your OPCA to find out about your training rights. We also do -25% for entrepreneurs and job seekers, do not hesitate to tell us your situation if this is the case.

Two days program

Download the training program

Training plan

1. Introduction
– The search engine market
– The stages of a successful referencing

2. Semantic audit
– Define a relevant semantic strategy
– Methodology & Tools
– The concept of the long train
Case study 1: Performing your first semantic audit

3. The key factors of technical optimization
– How the engines analyze your site
– Optimize your domain name and URLs
– Optimize page titles and metas
– Optimize its content
– Optimize your Images
– Optimizing site navigation and internal networking
– Optimize your CMS
– The impact of hosting and loading time
– Respect the engine guidelines
– Adapt to Google updates (Sources to follow)
Case study 2: Example of page optimization

4. Submission and monitoring of the indexing of a site
– How to submit your site to engines
– Control the indexing of your site (SItemap, Robots.Txt, index, follow …)
– Choose the pages to index and not to index on its site
Case Study 3: Getting started with Google’s Webmaster Tools

5. Editorial optimization
– Establish an effective editorial strategy
– Create content adapted to its target and engines
– Google AuthorRank
Case study 4: Analysis of effective content

6. Set up a netlinking strategy
– Engine guidelines for netlinking
– Pagerank and TrustRank
– Set up a sustainable netlinking strategy
Case study 5: study of an effective netlinking strategy

7. The referencing tools

8. Set up a monitoring dashboard

Download the training program

Further information

Date: March 16 and 17, 2017

Location: Paris center.

Price: 1400 €. Reduced rates are granted to entrepreneurs and job seekers (25%), do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Participant testimonials

Elodie Larangeira, digital communication specialist, Mountain Community

Elodie LarangeiraI followed the training The fundamentals of natural referencing. The information learned during the latter was applied during the training and following it. I am developing an offer around the subject, the tools seen during the training allow me to do it faster.

It is a training rich in information and very thorough. The illustrations, examples and immediate application on accompanying personal projects allow a better understanding of the theory.

I could give a score of 9/10 to this training and I could recommend it to my contacts. Unlike other training courses, we were not satisfied to see information available on various sites / forums which deal with the subject.

In case of need for training, if Training & Co’m can meet my needs I will not hesitate to call on them and more particularly to Sylvain, who was very available during these 2 days.

Floriane Marchand, communications officer CHU-Hôpitaux de Rouen

Florianne MarchandI followed the two-day natural referencing training. I am very satisfied with both the content and the form of the training (duration, reception). It’s really personalized training. I will put this new knowledge into practice now as part of my position as communications manager, community manager. I intend to work more in collaboration with the webmaster of the CHU and to adopt better practices to optimize our natural referencing. I will also share what I have learned with my colleagues.

I will give 9/10 to the training and recommend it without hesitation!

Again thank you to Sylvain for his welcome, his knowledge sharing and his advice.

Stéphanie Branchi, Content Manager at Zuma Paris

stephanie branchi

This training is very well conducted since the trainer expresses himself very clearly with simple words and gives many examples. In addition we put directly into practice the previously seen concepts which facilitates learning.

The trainer is very energetic which makes this training pleasant and very rewarding.

In the week that followed this training, I was able to put into practice all the techniques that I learned. For example I carried out a semantic audit of my website in order to do a real job on metas titles and metas descriptions.

What was useful during this practice is to have sample templates as well as the power point of all the training at my disposal. So if you have a hesitation you can easily find the answer to your question.

Finally, I really liked the fact that during these two days of training we did a little practical exercise at the end of each chapter.

I thank my trainer again for his kindness and his pedagogy!

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